need help in math:( factorising.. please help!?

what is the answer to this..

factorise fully..

8p*little2*q + 12p

and also..

factorise fully..

20w*little2*y+ 24wy*little3*

please help!!

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  • Ian
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    9 years ago
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    I'm going to assume by "little2" you mean squared, which you would show like this: x^2 (Little2 is kinda cute though).


    8(p^2)q + 12p Find the greatest common factor

    4p(2pq + 3)

    20(w^2)*y+ 24w(y^3) Find the greatest common factor

    4wy(5w + 6y^2)

    If you're having trouble finding the GCF (greatest common factor), don't worry, it's something you get faster at once you have done it a bunch.

    If you can't do it mentally you can also break everything up into into prime numbers to find the GCF.

    An example of this:

    20(w^2)*y+ 24w(y^3)

    2*2*5*w*w*y + 2*2*2*3*w*y*y*y

    It's now easy to see that "2*2*w*y" is the GFC.

    (2*2*w*y)(5*w + 2*3*y*y)

    4wy(5w + 6y^2)


  • 9 years ago

    Lol @ "little 2"; pronounce it "squared" - it means "p multiplied by p" :)

    8p²q + 12p

    We need to find what is "common" in both parts of this. There is a p in both parts, as well as a multiple of 4. So, we take these outside of our brackets.

    4p (2pq + 3). If we expanded this now, we would get 8ppq + 12p, which would be 8p²q + 12p

    So, number 2,


    The "little 3" is pronounced "cubed", and simply means "p times p times p again".

    So, we have a multiple of 4 in both parts again, as well as a w and a y

    So, take these outside the bracket:

    4wy(5w + 6y²). Again, if this were expanded, we'd get the original back. ^_^.

  • Dee W
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    9 years ago

    8p^2q + 12p = 4p(2pq + 3)

    20w^2y + 24wy^3 = 4wy(5w + 6y^2)

  • 9 years ago

    8p^2 q + 12 p

    4p * (2pq + 3)

    20w^2 y + 24wy^3

    4wy * (5w + 6y^2)

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  • Jay
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    9 years ago

    8p²q + 12p?


    20w²y + 24wy³?


  • 9 years ago





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