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What kind of high school classes and college courses do you need to take to become a psychologist?

I am currently a high school student that wants to become a Psychologist when I'm older. But I need to figure out what high school and college courses I need to take. Any ideas?

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    Your normal high school curriculum will do fine as preparation for college/university. If your high school offers an introductory class in psychology, it might help to take that, but in college you'll have to take an introductory course anyway, so don't sweat it until you get to college.

    In college your first two years will be mostly general courses - they're supposed to ensure you a well-rounded education, though not all colleges do as well as others at that. You'll probably take Intro your first semester, and go on from there.

    But - there definitely is a down side: four year degrees in psychology are a dime a dozen. IF you can find work with just your Bachelor's Degree, you'll be damned lucky. And if you do get that lucky, you will NOT earn a great salary. If you can manage it, a PhD is the route to go in psychology. Even then, your salary and benefits won't be anything to crow about. It's too bad, but that's the way it is in the field of psychology. You might do well to look at other career options, frankly.

    I minored in psychology in college - that's how I know - and that's why I went into nursing and then did grad studies in public health instead.

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    Well you should take psychology in high school. In college you should take more psychology courses, sociology, speech

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