how to put movie onto flash drive?

I have a couple movies that are mkv. files and i want to put onto flash drive and put on another computer but every time i try it says that it is full it is a 15gb drive that i have formatted over and over trying to get it to work but it just always says its full. So how can i put them on there or is there a way i can just transfer the files to the other computer???

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    9 years ago
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    Either 15gb is not large enough, or the drive wasn't reformatted correctly - I get that problem sometimes. For the former, check the file size, and for the latter, you might have to get a different drive, or try wiping it again.

    I also think there is a way to physically connect one computer to the other with a USB type cord and transfer from one hard drive to the other, but I'm not 100%

  • 4 years ago

    what variety of participant do you have? Is it "DivX qualified", meaning, does it have the expert DivX form on it? if so, you may might desire to make certain in the instruction manual or the manufacturers internet site if the flash force replaced into qualified for DivX playback... i'm uncertain, even though it somewhat is conceivable that some gamers might have merely qualified the optical force for DivX playback. yet another factor to attempt is formatting the flash card as FAT32... many contraptions do no longer know NTFS or Mac formated media. provide that a shot... desire this facilitates.

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