Why am i so glad the union is together?

I mean i'm catholic 14 from Northern Ireland yet i'm glad the union's together i love it


I mean the United Kingdom

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sorry, my mind-reading does not operate reliably over such long distances.

    I'm trying to read your mind about the Union, and all I can get is pictures of attractive members of the opposite sex.

    I give up. Why are you so glad the union is together?

  • 9 years ago

    Cause it's not completely a religious thing, 90% of catholics like things the way they are as well as most protestants so tbh you're just normal! =)

    Cian- DUH! They represent that part of the community, they will never be able to unite Ireland without a full vote but Who else would they vote for anyway?? They cant vote for the DUP or the UUP because they were raised not to and there are very few other 'on the fence' parties with enough candidates, the only real contender being Alliance and they can be right pricks sometimes! =) Only really leaves sinn fein and SDLP, its sort of like an identity thing. Plus if they didn't get voted into parliment everyone would think the voting system's rigged, even if people came forward and admitted to voting for someone else over them! They're main prupose these days is keepin peace and doin best by their people =)

  • 9 years ago

    good for u, i believe that means u are afflicted with the mental condition known as unionism :L u dont have to be a protestant to be a unionist u know, especially not these days...

    amy ur an absolute fool if u believe 90% of catholics are happy the way thing are, if that were true, then why did almost half of the population of the north vote either for sinn fein or the SDLP, two parties who's main aims include re-uniting ireland???

    what do you mean "duh". all u done with ur ridiculous long winded speech is completely vindicate what i've said?? people arnt raised to vote for parties, their parents etc. may influence them in their youth, but when u get to voting age u form ur own opinions, if these people werent in favour of re-unification at some time in the future they wouldnt vote for either of these parties, especially sinn fein, it doesnt take a brain surgeon to understand the basic logistics of that??

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    9 years ago

    Peace is always cool.

    Source(s): Proud Roman Catholic
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