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Will Chuck Pagano do same as Rex Ryan?

Will he take a few of his defensive players with him to Indy? Some say Jarrett Johnson might be 1. How many players do you think will defect to Indy this upcoming season?

BQ: for ravens fans---what do you think of Cam Cameron being resigned for a 1yr contract? Good or bad? If he is the guy shouldn`t they show more confidence and sign him to a longer deal? Afterall coaches should be celebrated not tolerated. Agree?

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    9 years ago
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    The Jets wanted a clown to take the limelight in their media circus and, hopefully, draw some attention away from Mutt Manning's crew. Ryan is a buffoon who was hired to do what he was best-suited for: Acting the fool.

    The Colts are a classy franchise that want to return to their winning ways as quickly as possible while severing ties with the Peyton Manning era. Pagano is the perfect coach to accomplish that, and if he brings along a few players to upgrade the defense it will be an unexpected bonus.

    I think bringing Cameron back for a year is a good idea. The offense wasn't awful last year but it has definite room for improvement. He's had four years to get the offense up to speed so if he can't get it done next year a change needs to be made.

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    That sounds like a good idea but you have to look at salary cap room and the Colts don't have a whole lot of it. The Colts have to re-sign Mathis who has been one of the defensive anchors for years. I think if anything, the Colts will draft (After Andrew Luck) some defensive rookies who fit Coach Paganos system. For future reference, PLEASE DON'T COMPARE Chuck Pagano to Rex Ryan....Indy has more self respect than to have a coach like Ryan in Indy.

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