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Do you like this Sib-Set?

Dalton Frederik - Dalton i just really like this name, its old and classic. Frederik is a family name, It's Danish that's why there is no C

James Dwayne - James is just a nice, classic, handsome name. Dwayne is my Step-Grandpas name, i never met him but he was a great man.

Mathew Jackson - Again Mathew is just a nice, classic name. Jackson is my grandpas name, he was a great great man.

Sofie Quinn - Sofie is a family name, it's Danish that's why its spelled Sofie instead of Sophie, Quinn is my middle name, my mother's middle name and it's short for my late grandpas name Quintin.


I incorporated all my Grandfathers

Quinn-Mothers side

Jackson- Fathers side

Dwayne- Fathers Side (Step)

Frederik - Mothers side (Great Grandfather)

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    Dalton Frederik is nice. I've never loved Dalton but it's been growing on my recently- It's quite handsome and very masculine. I love Frederi[c]k and I'm all in favour of honouring family when naming children so I won't comment on the spelling. Overall great combo.

    James, like you said is a nice, handsome classic that will never sound dated. I'm not really a fan of Dwayne and personally do not like the sound of it- but It's nice that you are using a family name as middle.

    Mathew is nice- but I personally prefer the spelling Matthew- it looks slightly better and more complete. I've always prefered Jack to Jackson- but Matthew Jackson sounds and flows better than Matthew Jack. Again, It's nice that you are honouring a family member.

    Sofie is gorgeous- but a little too overused. Never really liked Quinn on a girl but since it is your middle name as well I think using quinn is a good idea.


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    i like them all they flow nicely together and i love how you incorporated all of your grandfathers into it

  • 9 years ago

    i like the last two

  • 9 years ago

    Really like this

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