Name 8 childern using my favorite names?

First and Middle names. :)

♀ Girls:

- Caroline, Violet, Elisabeth, Rose, Matilda, Lucille, Audrey, Penelope, Charlotte, Lydia, Isabel, Juliet, Seraphina, Grace, Madeleine, Katherine, Beatrice, Vivienne, Margaret, Renée, Harriet, Emmeline, Claire, Fiona, Michelle, Eleanor, Lauren, Amelia, Lillian, Cassandra, Josephine, Chloe.

♂ Boys:

- Lucas, Benjamin, Henry, Jackson, Nicholas, Samuel, Joseph, Nathaniel, Wyatt, Alexander, Edward, Connor, William, Michael, Sebastian, Thomas, Riley, Patrick, Jonathan, Charles, Andrew, James, Theodore, Derek, Kenneth, Daniel, Caleb, Paul, Zachary, Kevin, Timothy, Peter, Finley.

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    Four Girls: ♀♀♀♀

    ◦ Fiona Margaret "Ona"

    ◦ Lucille Josephine "Lucy" (on my name list)

    ◦ Beatrice Katherine "Bea"

    ◦ Charlotte Renée "Lottie"

    Four Boys: ♂♂♂♂

    ◦ Benjamin Riley "Ben"

    ◦ Nathaniel Paul "Nate"

    ◦ James Alexander "Jamie" (on my name list)

    ◦ William Connor "Liam"

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    Caroline Grace

    Isabel Rose

    Amelia Chloe

    Vivienne Violet

    Margaret Lauren

    Juliet Michelle

    Eleanor Katherine

    Charlotte Audrey "Char"


    Lucas Benjamin

    Nathaniel James

    Edward Samuel

    Wyatt Charles

    Sebastian Theodore

    William Riley

    Nicholas Joseph

    Andrew Timothy

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    Caroline Rose

    Charlotte Eleanor

    Elisabeth Audrey

    Emmeline Margaret

    Claire Juliet

    Katherine Amelia

    Vivienne Fiona

    Chloe Isabel


    Benjamin Lucas

    Edward William

    Caleb Nathaniel

    Peter Alexander

    Finley Kevin

    Patrick James

    Michael Thomas

    Samuel Connor

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    Rose Lucille

    Caroline Elisabeth

    Katheirne Michelle

    Isabel Vivienne

    Eleanor Matilda

    Nicholas Finley

    James Wyatt

    Henry Benjamin

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    1. Charlotte Rose

    2. Lillian Grace

    3. Madeleine Claire

    4. Emmeline Katherine


    1. James Alexander

    2. Nathaniel Wyatt

    3. Caleb William

    4. Connor Joseph


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    Katherine Isabel

    Juliet Claire

    Rose Caroline

    Matilda Lucille

    Lucas Timothy

    Michael William

    James Andrew

    Caleb Paul

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    Chloe Rose

    Lillian Claire

    Caroline Grace

    Audrey Katherine

    Riley Jonathan

    Jackson Lucas

    Caleb William

    Benjamin Connor


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    Katherine Matilda

    Cassandra Margaret

    Elisabeth Rose

    Seraphina Grace

    Lucas Alexander

    Sebastian Thomas

    Samuel James

    Zachary Patrick


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    Chloe Rose

    Lauren Juliet

    Lucille Claire

    Amelia Violet

    James Nicholas

    Lucas Derek

    Samuel Alexander

    Michael Paul


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    Isabel Violet

    Madeleine Lauren

    Katherine Amelia

    Caroline Audrey


    Daniel James

    Jackson Wyatt

    Nicholas Alexander

    Henry Caleb

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    Charlotte Josephine

    Seraphina Rose

    Audrey Josephine

    Fiona Claire

    Henry William

    Andrew James

    Theodore Lucas

    Sebastian Wyatt

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