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How can you tell if guys are attracted to you if...?

They do not approach you? Or talk to you? Or check you out? Etc...

I am surrounded by guys all the time in college classes, but I cannot tell. Whats the difference between 'im attracted' staring and 'im daydreaming' staring?

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    A guy who is daydreaming will always stare in one general direction. Try moving away from the direction of his stare. If he moves, he was looking ar you. If not, the only way to get his attention, is to call his name a few times. If a guy is "checking you out" he will either have a creepy smile on his face, a few friends around him looking with him, or look away every time you start looking at him. My suggestion to you though, is to completely ignore and forget any guy that wants you just for your body, and find some one who connects with you on a personal level. A guy who goes after women just for their bodies should not be allowed to be called a "man".

    Source(s): 1) I am a guy. (2) Those are my personal views. (3) I see guys acting like that (towards girls, not me), and what I wrote is exactly how they act.
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    If a guy fancies you, you will notice that he will keep glancing over at you...

    If you already know them on a "Friend" basis they will often look deeply at you

    when you speak to them or to others in your group of friends.

    Some might be nervous about approaching you though - which can be mistaken

    for not been interested but its just because they are worried about making a fool of


    Any guy who's TOO shy might need you to approach them!

    That's if you want to?

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    If u like some guy out there just start by having a normal talk with that guy and go from there hope I help!

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    It's quite subtle, and varies from person to person, look for vacant stares as opposed to quick glances. Honestly it is hard to tell, even if you're a guy,

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    if they have a blank look on their face, they're daydreaming.

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