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Where does society get it authority to punish and indoctrinate?

If atheists say we will have to live with it then lets take them and make them live with it and shut their mouths. We are the majority and have the right to do so according to atheists own standards.


@Dohn Joe: The only reason we have a civil society is because of religion because atheists have proven they want to get rid of the existence of religion so lets get rid of atheism now before they gain the upper hand. Atheist try to play on sympathy until these tyrants get the upperhand and we have seen what they have done in Russia and China. Lets not wait.

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    In order for a democratic society to be just, the rights of the minorities (atheists) must not be violated. Atheists have the same right as theists do to believe in or lack belief in whatever they wish.

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    @Flying Above the Lotus: Several European countries are significantly less religious than the United States, in terms of belief in God, church attendance, and other factors. Yet it is obvious that countries like Britain and France have civil societies. As long as the United States remains a democracy and not a dictatorship like Soviet Russia or China, atheists won't have supreme authority.

    Besides, if theists don't tolerate atheists, then why should Christians tolerate Muslims, Hindus tolerate Buddhists, Sikhs tolerate Jews, etc.? It's not the religions that we should focus on eliminating but rather fanaticism/extremism. There's nothing really wrong with religion or lack of religion, but the fanatics who give them bad reputations.

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    Democracy but then no wonder you do not understand that since you are always seem to be pushing to overturn the constitution and install a theocracy to suppress and repress all Americans!

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    who's the producer classification to liberals? undergo in ideas that over 40 5% of individuals do no longer pay taxes in any respect and maximum get a tax return in extra of their withholding's. Liberals do no longer pull the wagon in any respect. they are in the wagon being pulled. this is the midsection classification this is being abused with gas fees, inflation and tax after tax after tax. The wealth envy different approaches that Obama makes use of is a blind to conceal undesirable his incompetence. Obama does not you to blame him.

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    Mother Nature. We, same as monkeys, were made social animals, unlike many other mammals, like the tiger, who are solitary, it's in our nature to want to fit in society.

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    "We are the majority"

    I don't think delusional one troll ponies are any kind of majority. At least I hope not.

    Source(s): So who are these "we" you speak of?
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    >> We are the majority <<

    ROFL, then change the laws. Why are you whining so much about this?

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    Uh huh.. Last time we did, well, you know your history.

    Source(s): It was, HINT, a dark time.
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