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Why are the Obama gestapo investigating kids for shooting an Obama t shirt?

if he wins will be be able to voice an anti obama statement without his gestapo coming after us.

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    Link? Preferably not one from a militia web site.

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    First of all the secret service takes any and all threats against the president seriously. It's not unique to Obama, I'm not sure exactly what you mean by the "Obama gestapo" it sounds like you've made your mind up about this already so why bother asking? I mean guys with brown shirts and SS badges aren't knocking your door down are they? Do you see him wearing a red armband? There is a difference between free speech and what can be construed as a threat. People (even kids) holding guns and a shirt with the presidents face on it riddled with bullets kind of seems threatening doesn't it? This would be investigated even if it was Bush, Clinton, or any other US president. I can't believe you're calling them the gestapo, the secret service has been around since the civil war and protecting the president almost as long. This situation is not exclusive to Obama, nor is it affected by him going for re-election. People have brought guns to events that Obama was at... loaded assault rifles. I own guns and believe in people's right to have and carry them openly but I can guarantee you that if this happened at an event Bush was at it wouldn't have gone over so well.. It really sounds like you don't like this president and that's fine, but you have to understand that if the Secret Service didn't investigate things like this they wouldn't be doing their job. Any and all threats to the office of the presidency must be examined; a bullet from a 14 year old is just as deadly as one from a 40 year old.

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