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Is Virgo and Libra a good match?

A lot of sources say it is a bad match; but I feel otherwise.

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    You're Libra - Your Crush is Virgo

    Are You Astro Soulmates?

    This match does not have much chance of working out. You are a loving and affectionate person who likes to show her emotions. The Virgo boy is reserved and low-key, preferring to keep his emotions to himself. It's almost impossible for a Libra girl to get an "I love you" out of this guy. You will actually end up getting very depressed after a while with him, because he is overly critical and can see the dark side in everything. Meanwhile, you are a sunny optimist and you need a love partner who shares your happy outlook on life. He is also very fussy, which drives you crazy in a boyfriend. He's not "guy" enough for you. This is not a good love match.

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