which car should I buy?

OK. My work place wants to pull out the company cars and I have to buy my own car to do the Field engineering job with Approximately driving average of 35K miles per year, They will pay 760$ for Gas , Insurance ( 1 Million $ liability) , Repair, Rental car and.......

first of all do you recommend me to buy a brand new low gas /Mile car like Suzuki Sx4 or Hundayi Elentra or Nissan Versa or you think its better to gamble on my luck and buy a used car with some Warranty left on it Like Nissan Altima Hybrid or Audi A4 or Toyota Camry , perhaps no need to tel cheaper is better for me in this economy but my buy limit is 13K max,

I would appreciate all the good advises specially if you are in a same situation as I am right now . :)


Sorry I might mentioned this wrong, they will pay 760$ per month,

Matter the fact I was thinking about the Hundayi Elentra or Nissan Versa as well and I dont need to go to the dirt at all but I will carry limited stuff like a tool box or just a binder for some extra part that I think it will fit on any size trunk size.

Thank you guys for your answers. Keep send your advises , Im learning here :)

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    Most companies in the US, if they require their employees to drive their own cars for company business, pay them the IRS mileage rate and the employee is required to keep a mileage log.

    However, if all you're getting per year is $760.00 for gas, then you need something as reliable, fuel-efficient, and as cheap as possible. If you need to haul stuff, the most ideal car would be a station wagon or hatchback, or a small compact pickup truck with a topper on the bed.

    You can't get any of those cars new for $13,000, though, so you'd have to buy used. A Versa hatchback or a Hyundai Elantra Touring could be a good choice, or a Chevrolet Malibu MAXX. You could also consider a four-cylinder Ford Escape or Toyota RAV4 if you have to go out in the dirt. For a truck, look at a Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma.

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    If your are going to use your car for work and you do not know zip about auto mechanics go to the dealer and get yourself a nice new toyota or nizzan or chevrolet or ford or whatever you like and that way you will have less worries about being stuck in the highway and whill your at it get tow truck insurance for about $50. bucks a year. Drive Safe and .............GOD BLESS...

  • 9 years ago

    get a ford fusion...or a chevy cruze.

    the cruze has GREAT mpgs sport feel and interior and solid well rounded none cheap exterior.

    you can get one with a 1.4Turbo that has some kick in it and tapshift for your sport enquires. quite fun to drive for under 18k used with little miles.

    youll get like 50 MPG on the highway if you drive it real smart.

    also guess what, its american! your supporting american familes and workers trying to make a living. as well as our own countries encomony.

    if you dont like the cruze, look at a fusion, if you dont like a ford fusion, look at a chevy malibu

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  • 9 years ago

    get a new one with one hundred thousand mile warranty

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