I think I may have a blowout please help!?

I stretched my ear to a 8mm from a 6mm after waiting about a month on wednesday and it started to bleed but went all the way through so I put the tunnel in. Now its Sunday and I went to clean it and its all crusty and scabby at the back of the ear. The front looks ok though. It has been sore since wednesday. I have thoroughly cleaned it and got rid of the scabby stuff but it is still sore now and I dont know what to do? There was also so white stuff but not alot. Anything to help would be great but I really dont want to downsize as this is the highest I want to go and its taken me a while and it would be a shame to downsize and have to wait! :( Thanks.

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  • 9 years ago
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    First off, you said "8mm to 6mm" which is downsizing. I think you meant 8g to 6g. 8mm is a size 0.

    Anyway, the white stuff, is a sign of healing. The blood and scabby stuff means that you ripped part of the inside of your lobe. It doesn't necessarily mean a blowout. If the front looks like it's healing, I wouldn't worry too much about the back, just keep it moisturized and massage it daily. It should clear up. (that's what I did when I went from 2g to 0.) just dont worry about it unless it hurts.

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