Girlfriend has what kinda of looks like a bruise on wrist?

My girlfriend has what kinda of looks like bruise on her wrist.

She very much likes to drink alcohol. But this seems to only happen when she has these big party with with friends. And the next day or 2 days she than gets these what kinda of looks like bruise on her wrist , After hard night of a partying.

Could this be alcohol or drug use? She use to do lot of drugs before but does not any more do to she has no job and not in school .If she is having a hard night of partying like mad could this be taking some kind of drug use that is causing this or the alcohol or alcohol and drug.

Anyone else here have this problem ? Could it be she is consuming too much alcohol thus a body reaction. Or could be she taking some night club drug ?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    that's not a reaction to alcohol, I have no idea what it is though. It doesn't sound like any drug I've heard of either.

    However bruising easily (all over the body) is a sign of something that could be serious, if she has started bruising easily where she used not to, then she should see a doctor for blood tests.

  • Steven
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    9 years ago

    Not likely alcohol use directly. It could be drug use. You said it was on her wrist or was it on both wrists? Wrist bruise can come from someone grabbing your wrist to hurt or restrain you. Alcohol could contribute to that. I am a recovered Alcoholic and I never got a bruise from the alcohol directly. I got a bunch from being falling down drunk or during a black out drunk. I suppose it is possible alcohol could do it but I never heard of it. I talk to alcoholics, recovered alcoholics and just plain drunks and they never mentioned alcohol causing that kind of reaction.

    How fare up on the wrist is this bruise? Near the hand or the elbow?

  • 4 years ago

    do no longer think of the ingesting or plausible drug use may be inflicting this, looking on how super the bruise is, it ought to be that she is getting very expressive while she is ingesting and somebody is making an attempt to get her to take a seat down back and interior the technique is pulling her to lots or something alongside the line, no remember if it particularly is smaller then it ought to be some drug, yet many times human beings utilising drugs learn quite directly a thank you to "shoot up" and the bruising might probable be simply by incorrect injecting

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    This is the beer, wine and spirits area and your question is about none of these things. Although you might get answers here, you are more likely to get useful ones if you post in another area. There is one for health that would probably be better.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I dont think she doing drugs in her wrist most ppl shoot up in the inside part of the elbow cause its easier so just ask wat happened if u dont want to offend her just say oh wat happened to u baby and dont always think negetive just cus she use to use drugs she probly has quit if she says she has gud luk

  • 9 years ago

    She's probably doing drugs without even knowing it. something that she's having to shoot up or something.

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