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Pro's and Con's of shaving?

i shave little parts of my legs to see how i like it and i want to but i dont want to. i have brown hair and im in 6th grade. Thx!!

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    looks WAY better


    have to do it for the rest of your life if you don't want black stubble

    I say do it. It looks and feels a lot better(:

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    If you've shaved little parts of your legs you kind of have to shave them now. The parts that you shaved will grow back as stubble but the rest of your legs will have soft, never shaved, hair. I started shaving in 5th grade, maybe 6th? I don't really mind it too much. I have dark hair too and hated the way my legs looked before I shaved. Once you start shaving you don't have to shave every single day. They will be soft for the first day or two after shaving then they will get prickly, but it doesn't bother me. I don't shave my legs a lot during the winter, unless I am wearing a skirt or going to an event. Just make sure you use a good razor and shaving cream! You don't want ingrown hair and razor burn, both are uncomfortable and unattractive!

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    Smooth legs

    Legs look less dirty

    Guys like it <-- you're too young but this is good for the future


    Grows back like a bush

    Gets prickly

    Hurts when growing back

    And takes forever.

    Try Nair or other topical hair removers

    Source(s): Being a teenager who shaves her legs
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    Pro : ur legs r hair free and smooth con: ur leg hair will grow more faster now

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    -No hair.

    -More feminine.


    -Hair grows back quickly.

    -May cut yourself (be careful!!)

    -Ingrown hairs

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