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How do you feel about these names?

Boys ♥

1 • Alexander West (Alex)

2 • Maxwell Robert (Max)

3 • Jared William (Jared)

4 • Samuel Kerr (Sam)

5 • Andrew Michael (Drew)

6 • Derek James (Derek)

7 • Christian Wilde (Christian)

8 • Fox Andrew (Fox)

9 • Owen James (Owen)

0 • Gabriel Finn (Gabe)

1 • Xavier James (Xavier)

2 • Alek Damon (Alek)

3 • Joseph Flynn (Joe)

4 • Riley Andrew (Riley)

5 • James Marshall (Jamie)

Girls ♥

1 • Jennifer Maeve (Jenny)

2 • Natalie Grace (Natalie)

3 • Shailene Grey (Shai)

4 • Chyler Rose (Chylie)

5 • Piper Michele (Piper)

6 • Sophie Elizabeth (Sophie)

7 • Isabela Rose (Bela)

8 • Rosalie Helene (Rose)

9 • Katharine Hale (Katie)

0 • Elizabeth Maru (Liz)

1 • Chloe Leanne (Chloe)

2 • Leah Bridget (Leah)

3 • Alyson Faith (Aly)

4 • Christina Ellen (Christina)

5 • Sookie Marie (Sookie)

Also, keep in mind, that most of these have significant, mostly familial meaning to me. It's mostly the first eleven, but there are others throughout the list. The longest, most detailed response gets best answer : )


Georgia - The names in parenthesis are just what I would call them. For example, I like the nickname Alex for Alexander, but dislike the nickname Chris for Christian and Christina, so if I were to name my child that, I as their mother would call them Christian and Christina. I understand that I'd have no control over what other people call them, it's just my preference.

Also, to everyone who answers my questions, I understand that a lot of my names are strange and unique. I come from a very culturally diverse family. Most of the people in my family have weird, uncommon names (My name is Seeley, and I'm a girl). Growing up I loved the fact that no one else shared my name, and no one else in my family has ever had any complaints about their unique names, and I wanted to try and carry that on. I would explain why I chose the names that I did, but the last time I tried that I ran out of space. When people say a name is incorrect, "That's a surname", "That&#

Update 2:

a boy's name", "That's a girls name", or a name isn't really a name, it irritates me. It irritates most people. No name is "wrong" or "incorrect". Names are supposed to be what makes you an individual. I think a lot of times unique names make unique people. I'm not a fan of most Kreatyve names, like Kynnedi or Gynnifer, so I understand that a lot of people just don't like unusual names, like Fox or Chyler. I respect that, and appreciate your prespective. All that I ask is that you respect the fact that just because it's rare or you don't like a name, doesn't make it any less of a name. Thanks, and sorry for my little rant. I just can't stand that : )

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    I really like the name Alexander, but I'm not keen on the middle name West, I just don't think it makes a good name, how about Alexander Wess instead, it sounds a little better and doesn't sound like you were so desperate for names that you went with a direction.

    I like the name Maxwell Robert, very masculine name, good nickname possibilities because the child can go by Max or Rob, excellent choice.

    I love the name Jared, but don't like the way William sounds with it as a middle name, if I was going to go with this combination then I would choose William Jared rather than the other way around, then there are nickname possibilities as well like Will, Billy, or Willie.

    Like the name Samuel, don't like the name Kerr, I just don't think it sounds like a good middle name, regardless of the first name.

    Really like Andrew Michael, all though I also like the sound of Michael Andrew and actually prefer the latter.

    Derek James has a good flow to it, really like it.

    Christian Wilde, I love the first name, don't like the middle name, also Chris is a great nick name for Christian.

    Fox Andrew, I detest this name, I do not think giving the kid a first name of Fox is fair to the child. I wouldn't mind the name if it was Andrew Fox though, because at least the kid has a normal first name and can drop the middle name as he gets older if he doesn't like it.

    Owen James, love the ring to that name, very nice name.

    I like the name Gabriel, and the nickname Gabe, but I strongly dislike the middle name Finn, too different, doesn't sound good with Gabriel.

    Love the name Xavier James, great sounding name, very masculine. If the child grows up and hates the name Xavier, then he has James, Jim, Jimmy, and similar names he can fall back on.

    I really like the name Alek and I like the name Damon, but I don't like how they flow together. Maybe Damon Michael or Alek James rather than trying to put two unique names Damon and Alek together.

    Joseph Flynn, like the name Joseph, dislike Flynn for a middle name, would be better if it was the last name.

    Riley Andrew, have never liked the name Riley for a boy, it always sounds like a girls name to me. I don't think it goes with Andrew as a middle name either. I think first name Andrew and middle name Riley sounds a lot better.

    I really like the name James Marshall, good ring to it, plenty of nickname possibilities, yet unique enough so there won't be two or three kids in the child's class with that name.

    I love the name Jennifer, but I detest the name Maeve, it just doesn't sound like a name to me, it sounds like a mistake. Maybe Jennifer Mae or May instead would sound better.

    I adore the name Natalie Grace, very beautiful sounding name.

    I am not crazy about Shailene or Grey, Grey sounds like a last name, and I don't care for the name Shailene or the spelling at all

    Don't like the name Chyler at all, sounds too much like an auto manufacturer to me. Love the middle name Rose though, maybe you could put it with another girls name so it sounds better.

    Don't like the name Piper, but love the middle name Michele.

    Love the name Sophie Elizabeth, very beautiful name, sounds sophisticated also.

    I think the name Isabela Rose is a gorgeous name, very beautiful and unique.

    I love the name Rosaline, but dislike how it sounds with the middle name Helene, I don't think the two flow well together.

    Really like the name Katharine, but hate the middle name Hale, if it was a boy maybe, but no way does it sound like a girls middle name

    Elizabeth is a great first name, but I really dislike the middle name Maru for a boy or girl.

    Chloe Leanne, love the name Chloe, but don't like the way it sounds with the middle name Leanne, I think both Chloe and Leanne are beautiful names, I just don't like them together. I also think Leanne is a better first name then middle name.

    Leah is a cute first name, but I don't like the way it sounds with Bridget as a first name, maybe stick with Leah or Bridget for a first name, but don't put the two of them together.

    Alyson is a cute first name, though I'm not crazy about the spelling, love the way it sounds with Faith as a middle name. Too cute!

    I love the name Christina Ellen, really gorgeous, feminine beautiful sounding name.

    Sookie Marie don't like the name Sookie at all, love the middle name Marie.

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    Alexander West-8/10

    Maxwell Robert-8/10

    Jared William-9/10

    Samuel Kerr7/10

    Andrew Michael-8/10

    Derek James-8/10

    All of the ones above are really cute(: they flow and will age well!

    Christian Wilde-7/10 this one sounds like it should be a first and a last name but it's kinda cute!(:

    Fox Andrew-5/10 I think he'd get made fun of

    Owen James-9/10 love!

    Gabriel Finn-6/10

    Xavier James-6/10

    Alek Damon-7/10

    Joesph Flynn-7/10

    Riley Andrew-9/10 cuteee!

    James Marshall-7/10

    Jennifer Maeve-8/10

    Natalie Grace-8/10

    Shailene Grey-10/10 love this!!!

    Chyler Rose-6/10

    Piper Michelle-7/10

    Sophie Elizabeth-8/10

    Isabela Rose-8/10

    Rosalie Helene-7/10

    Katharine Hale-7/10 I can't say I like hale that much.

    Elizabeth Maru-4/10

    Chloe Leann-7/10

    Leah Bridget-8/10

    Alyson Faith-9/10 this is really cute!

    Christina Ellen-8/10

    Sookie Marie-1/10

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    I don't understand the name in brackets? If that's to imply a shortened version, then you've missed some. And you won't really have control over all the potential nicknames others, like school friends will use.

    1• Alexander West (Alex) Don't like West, not really a name, but a surname, but Alexander is nice.

    2 • Maxwell Robert (Max) Don't like Maxwell, type of coffee where I come from, silly as a name, Max is ok, but plain and boring, nothing to dislike but nothing amazing either. Robert is a nice traditional name.

    3 • Jared William (Jared) Dislike Jared, doesn't go with William.

    4 • Samuel Kerr (Sam) Samuel is nice, Kerr is a surname, dislike it as a middle name

    5 • Andrew Michael (Drew) Prefer Michael Andrew, dislike Drew and don't really like Andrew on a child love Michael.

    6 • Derek James (Derek) Don't like Derek, too old and stuffy. James is a nice middle name. Surely the nickname here would be Del?

    7 • Christian Wilde (Christian) Christian is nice, don't like Wilde, and again the nickname would be Chris no?

    8 • Fox Andrew (Fox) Not in the X-files no one should be called fox.

    9 • Owen James (Owen) Owen is ok as a name, bit too Welsh for my tastes

    0 • Gabriel Finn (Gabe) Don't like Gabe as a nickname, so probably wouldn't use Gabriel. Finn is ok, bit to common for a first name, but good as a middle

    1 • Xavier James (Xavier) I do like Xavier but it is becoming a bit popular, James is nice plainer name in case he doesn't like Xavier when older

    2 • Alek Damon (Alek) Alec should be spelt with a C not a K, looks silly with a K, too try hard. Dislike reminds me of old men like Baldwin and Guinness, eww.

    3 • Joseph Flynn (Joe) Joseph is ok, nothing amazing, don't like Flynn.

    4 • Riley Andrew (Riley) Riley is alright, again bit popular, but still a nice name, Andrew suits here,

    5 • James Marshall (Jamie) Dislike Jim as a nickname, which is what he'd get called from where Im from anyway, and Marshall is a surname, so don't like it as a middle name.

    Girls ♥

    1 • Jennifer Maeve (Jenny) Like Jennifer, will age well, dislike Maeve, too old lady.

    2 • Natalie Grace (Natalie) Surely it would be Nat as a nickname? Ive never really liked Natalie as a name. Like Grace though.

    3 • Shailene Grey (Shai) Is this said Charlene? Don't like it what ever its supposed to say looks made up and trendy. Don't like Grey either.

    4 • Chyler Rose (Chylie) Always though Chyler was a boy's name, means handsome, so seems odd to call a girl it. Looks awkward written down, and I personally don't like it. Rose is nice, pit plain but ok/

    5 • Piper Michele (Piper) Don't really like Piper or michelle

    6 • Sophie Elizabeth (Sophie) -Sophie is ok, nothing to dislike really, quite common and ordinary. Elizabeth is nicer, would use this first. Elegant and will age well.

    7 • Isabela Rose (Bela) Prefer Isabelle to Isabella, too long and complicated.

    8 • Rosalie Helene (Rose) Quite like Rosalie actually, dislike Helene, people never pronounce it correctly which annoys me. Think a shorter middle name would suit her also.

    9 • Katharine Hale (Katie) Prefer Catherine, or if it has to be a K, then Katherine, the "a" is incorrect Dislike Hale.

    0 • Elizabeth Maru (Liz) Don't really no how to say the middle name, and ending in a u it looks unfinished to me

    1 • Chloe Leanne (Chloe) Her nickname would be Clo no? Never really liked Chloe, too babyish and cutesy, don't like Leanne either.

    2 • Leah Bridget (Leah) Nickname would be Lee no? Like Leah, dislike Bridget

    3 • Alyson Faith (Aly) Allison looks better imo, don't like Faith

    4 • Christina Ellen (Christina) Chris would be her nickname? Don't really like Ellen prefer Helen or Elle

    5 • Sookie Marie (Sookie) Sookie? Do not like sounds not a name and sounds like Sooty. Not a name of anyone over about 2. Marie is ok, nothing to dislike quite plain but ok.

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