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What does this dream mean? 10 points best!?

Ok so yesterday I went to my little brothers b-ball tournament, I saw the guy that I like so much! He looked great! And so he sat in front of me, I was so tempted to grab him and hug him and so on! But of course I didn't! And my dream was I was at a carnival/fair and I was running around all by myself looking for something and I went to some kind of fish aquarium place, only there weren't any fish and out of nowhere my mom was with me and she started talking to me, I don't remember what she said but then all of a sudden I was walking in the halls at my school I saw the guy that I like so much, and I just grabbed his face and we started kissing,well uh making out actually and then I woke up. And if you need details the guy I like so much even maybe love is 16 he has a girlfriend that is 17 and I'm 13 so please help me find out what this dream means!!!!

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    Hi Eli; Well, in real life you do know this guy. You have a tremendous interest in him. He has a girlfriend. (bummer for you). The way I see it: In your dream, you are looking for him in all the places you are familiar with. A carnival/fair, an aquarium and in school. Then you saw him in school and started making out with him. :), then you woke-up. In your dream, that is your fantasy. You probably woke-up because in the sequence of things, there is the girlfriend factor. She is not a part of your fantasy. Real life and dreams sometimes parallel each other.

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    Next time you have a dream, go for it! You can't in real life, but you CAN in a dream! Grab him and do the lot!

    Luckily, this sort of dream will persist as long as you live :-)

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