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Guy can be violent but he's really hot so it's kind of excusable ?

So I have this fwb. He is so Incredibly attractive.He's the most attractive person ive ever seen and I have no idea why he would like someone as mediocre as me. Literally I start to salivate sometimes and I get weak in the knees, it feels like I can't breathe. That's when I first see him but then it goes away and its just light headedness and butterflies. I can't focus on anything when I'm with him. He's super attractive and we are best friends. We study together, we party together, we go out together sometimes like to the movies and stuff. We bring each other coffee every morning. I'm so lucky. Sometimes he can be a jerk tho. We play fight all the time and have petty arguments over everything. Sometimes he can get really violent and grab my neck and lift me up by it and hit me against the wall or he'll slap/punch me in the face. Sometimes I'll cry and he'll hug me and make me laufh. But usually right after we yell more and then we'll wind up laughing about it. Some of my friends are starting to get like really considered but I don't think it's a big deal because he's just playing. Plus, I've been with a lot of guys and no one has ever made me feel the way he does. I'm so attracted to him and I'm pretty sure I couldn't feel this way about anyone else.

Is it possible to feel this way about someone else? Do you think I should tell him to stop? Is this even a big deal? I wasn't concerned before. I think my friends are just making me paranoid.

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    looks can b deceiving. l learned that the hard way. 1 time a saw a god hot boy in rehab. He seemed nice 2 me but people told me that he killed his mom. l asked 'why isn't he in prison then' they said 'l don't know.' l asked the staff cuz l never believe teenagers but the staff said the same thing.

    l had a friend that was a boy [innocent friends]. ln middle school 1 of my other friend ran up 2 me crying & said he raped her. l also knew a boy that was god hot but in elementary school l saw him choke a teacher. She got seriously hurt. She was in the hospital for a month. & he was charged. He was only in 4th grade. Looks & size can b deceiving. & in my case, it was.

    Never judge people by looks. Just b cuz sum 1 dozn't look crazy, dozn't mean they aren't.

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    My advice? Watch handsome guys (Andrew Stevens, Richard Greico) charmed beautiful even ugly girls, and see how violent they are behind closed doors. Many movies for women on Lifetime TV.

    Many domestic abuses starts out very nicely, many of them goes behind bars, too! Many books have been written about them. Ann Rule was an ex cop, who writes a lot about them!

    I was in an abusive relationship,(a stalker I met from college) when one day, I found this book by Ann Rule, never even heard of her, right where I always parked my car in the morning, like an Angel dropped that where I could find it. It was a true story, and I read the first chapter and it was like what was happening to me, that moment. It was trying to tell me something. P.S. the guy was behind bars, not because of me but for armed robbery, but saved my life!

    The guy you mentioned? Has a SADISTIC PERSONALITY, and it will only get worst, once you're married. He'll OWN you then!

    There is no excuse to make any girl cry, specially if they're just playing jokes!

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    In no way is it ok to hurt you enough to make you question it let alone make you cry, this isn't just play fighting. If it was then he would have stopped doing it the minute he realised he had taken it to far and hurt you but no, he continues to do it.

    It seems it doesn't matter what any one tells you though, your to infatuated with him to see sense.

    The reason he likes someone like you, simple, you will put up with his behaviour, any normal person would have told him to jog on by now.

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    Violence is an addiction. No one, no matter how kind they may be, can ever stop the progressive decline into violence once it is permitted to become part of their social behavior. No other person can change a person through love once violence enters the relationship. A drunk may control their behavior but they will always be a drunk. Violent behavior satisfies an inner need . Violence is more addictive than tobacco, sex, alcohol, and drugs. Get out. Find someone else to invest your love into.

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    Is this kind of abuse done in a joking manner? Like when you play fight with someone? If so, then tell him that he actually hurts you when he does that and that he shouldn't be so rough with you. If it is done out of anger, then you need to leave him. It doesn't matter how attractive he is.

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    If he's horsing around, that's one thing, if he's hurting you, that's another. You should tell him to calm down.

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    Take care of yourself!

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    no thats not an excuse...

    say he beats a girl up, but he is still hot.... thats no excuse!

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    is he crazy or somthing? you gotta dump him he could kill you man.

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    no, weirdo

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