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i started my period last month for the first time but not this month.?

im 13 , i started my period last month for the first time. But i havnt started this month. Is that normal? Im not sexually active. Help please/:

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    Hi Katie, it is a common misconception that periods are regular they are often anything but regular especially in the first years. It is possible that you might miss 2 or 3 months or have 2 periods quite close together until they settle down to a more regular pattern. You might be one of the lucky ones who can say my cycle is 20 days or 35 days apart(both can be normal) or you may find that you can only say my period will come between day 18-35 as some women do all their life's. A lot of things can also delay your periods such as weight loss/gain, more/less exercise, stress, illness to name a few. I suggest you carry a few spare pads around for a while to deal with the unexpected

    Source(s): Retired nurse/mum to teenager, experience
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    9 years ago

    Your period is likely to be irregular for the first few months, even years. And when it does regulate, it may not be 28day cycle. Some women have cycles as long as 35 days, it's not a problem, everybody is different.

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    Relax. It is entirely normal to be irregular for a year or so after you first get your menstrual cycle. It makes it a bit of a challenge to be prepared for it though, so just keep some supplies in a small zipper bag in your purse/backpack.

    Source(s): experience - I was not anywhere near regular until right before I started high school.
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    sessions do no longer come precisely each month, it could variety via some days, and whilst ladies first initiate there sessions this is totally unusual. it may even take an added month for it to come back, after some months your sessions turns into greater general

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    It's normal, you won't be able to predict exactly when you'll get it for a few years after you start. No need to panic.

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