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what can someone do with a copy of my driver's license info?

A "friend" recently offered me a shady job that payed under the table; nothing illegal I made sure. He needed to photocopy my driver license he said so I could start working. I have since lost all hope of working with him, since he never called me back, but he still has all the info on my driver license. If he is a criminal, should I be worried that he has this info?

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    He can basically do identity theft. He can make duplicate fake copies and sell them as ID for such like illegal aliens and other criminals interested in identity theft. If he has your SSN he can also apply for credit cards and other things that could screw up your credit majorly. The damage could be great I'd try and get your info back if it hasn't been very long but if it was his plan he's likely already sold your info by now.

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    Identity theft would be the biggest problem, he could open credit cards in your name, falsely open other accounts in your name, etc. The best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to monitor your credit reports every three months to see if anything strange, unusual, or fishy shows up.

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    Try to still keep in contact with this crooked friend. And also keep an eye on your credit report. If anything you feel dont fit right with this person, file a police report

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    Identity theft is very possible. So much for that friendship. I'm so sorry it happened to you, but at this point, hope for the best.

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