What else to do, at a dead end looking for my father?

Before anyone asks, yes I have tried just above every single people-search-site. I even tried looking up public records and it just seems like all my father's information has been wiped clean as if he never existed. They only things I know about him is that he served in the military, last known location that I can think of is West Palm Beach, Florida, his name Jackie D. McKinney also goes by the name of Jack and that his father has the same name. I'm 19 years old, I don't have a job as this moment, so I can't really pay to get the documents on certain websites or from the government itself. I don't have a phone number or even a photo of him. I'm at a dead end, because I don't know if he is still working for the military or if he's even alive. I checked obituaries as well and haven't found anything. I know for a fact he never wanted me from the first place, because he never even tried to look for me. I'm losing the only two "father-figures" I ever had. But they are drifting away, I'm losing my grandfather on my mother's side from old age and possible other medical reasons that I seem to be in the dark about. And my uncle is just drifting, not keeping much in contact, he seems to busy boozing it up and smoking with my cousins upstate, that his lifetime is more likely deteriorating. I'm just completely at a lost and would like to find some way to try to contact my "father" even though I know he never wanted me in the first place. Because when my mother told him she was pregnant with me, he went off to tell his "military buddies" that he's going to be a father and going to be there for me. And never even showed up once in my life. He left my mother heart broken and she ended up tearing up the only photo of him. I hate getting emotional about this kind of subject especially in front of my mother because she doesn't know what else to do. I happy for my half sister because she knows who her father is and has photos of him and she even has something his mother gave to her and he was in her life for about three years. I hate feeling like I was the mistake and feeling unwanted, unloved by this man whom I'm suppose to call "father." I'm just one big mess right now and can't think of anything else or any other way to find my "father." Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Liz
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Your mom may have more info then you realize!

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