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GOODD asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 9 years ago

Can I mention celebrities and events in my novel?

I would like to include the following in my novel:

Specific references to vehicles, farm equipment, games

Mentioning celebrities (for example: How would you like to go see Toby Keith in concert?)

Mentioning music or literary works (for example: Have you read Bag of Bones by Stephen King?)

Am I allowed to have positive or negative opinions (in dialogue only) where the (brand name) tractor is an old rust bucket or one of the characters doesn't like (specific title) by (title's author)?

I would be willing to say that about 90% of the above references would be as dialogue and I will NOT be saying anything like "All (brand name) tractor's are overpriced hunks of junk" or "Did you know that (famous celebrity comedian) is a child molester?" or "I hate (famous singer)'s music."

Just want to make sure I'm not breaking any rules!

This will be a contemporary paranormal romance (as if that matters).


Kay Kay - whoever told you that a publisher is interested in reading a rough draft is sadly misinformed. The ONLY time your answer is applicable is in a multi book deal with a publisher, which I don't have.

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    I think so, as long as you aren't slandering anyone. I've seen plenty of references to name brands and celebrities in books, even books that have the main character loving a certain band. Her friend teases her about the love of that band but he doesn't lie or insult the band in any way that makes them look horrible.

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    I think you can as long as you don't insult them or I think you have to have their premonition to do so. Because if you where a celebrity would you like people to make a book, add your name in it and insult you or your family. I know I wouldn't. Believe it or not, celebrities can actually sue people for that.

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    I believe that after you get a rough draft finished, then you should take it over to your publisher where they will review it and tell you if anything is not right.

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    I have read any novel or book mentioned any brand or names in positive or negatif way. So I think its ok.

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