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How do i get rid of a mouth ulcer fast!!!?

I have braces and i have a massive mouth ulcer and i can't get it to go away its been her about 4 days know and its only getting bigger i'm cleaning my teeth 2 times a day and using mouth ulcer gel but it isn't working ive also tryed patches and numing Liquid but nothing is making it get smaller ive alsoed tryed wax on my braces but that dosen't work either any ideas........... many thanks x

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    omg...that happens to me all the time! I usually drink something cold so the pain isn't that bad. Then I gargle salt water or antiseptic mouth wash. Good luck, and it will go away soon!

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    The quickest thank you to evade recurrences is to maintain you the teeth and tongue wiped sparkling. on a daily basis tongue cleansing and the teeth brushing two times an afternoon....the only at bedtime is all the greater significant. Secondly, the function of balanced nutritious nutrition plan in protecting off those recurrent ulcers is rather significant. additionally please do stay removed from all style of junk nutrition!! For the triumphing mouth ulcers you could observe any Analgesic oral gel/drops over the ulcers. shop your self removed from all extraordinarily spiced and acidic stuff.

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    Salt water usually helps quite a bit- just dissolve some salt in warm water, hold it in your mouth and swish it around, then spit it out.

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    Keep your gob shut.

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