How to install ram in a Sony Vaio PCV-W510G?

I'm thinking about adding more ram to my pc:

(512mb to 1gb).

I also want to know where is the rams location..


I know clearly how to Install ram on a laptop and some desktops,

but I'm very confused with this desktop computer.

The Motherboard is inside in the back attached to the computer.

Here's a picture:

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  • kenny
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    9 years ago
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    Turn off your computer, open it up: unscrew the thumb screws on the back left side, slide that side off. Touch a doornob, There should be colored slots in there with 2 sticks in there or put one side firmly in, then the other side, do that for the second stick. It's not worth it to add ram to your computer though, just buy a new one, ram is expensive for old computers. Next time, don't get an all in one. You'll need low profile ram because of that, and it might not even have extra slots. Buy a new computer!

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