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How do you train your dog to attack ?

I got a new puppie and I wanna train him to attack if people break in the house or something ' but how do you train them to attack?

He's a six week old Labrador


And imma get a pitbull puppie next month '

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    to train your dog to attack you must get him to

    1.bark and growl by getting a treat and teaching him to speak to find out how to odo that go on utube

    2.get him to attack a pillow and to do that you must torment it i know that sound bad but it must be done.

    3.teach him to bark at noises

    4.get one of your mates to come and knok the door and pretend he is nasty so that should work

    hope this helped

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    YOU DON'T!!! That would be like giving a child a loaded gun. If the time came, your dog, not a puppy, will most probably raise the alarm, but only qualified people, like Service people etc., should ever be in charge of a fully trained attack dog. Get some decent personal protection or an alarm system for your property. Do not rely on your dog to attack - he'll do that and pay for it by being seized and put down.

    And 6 weeks is at least 2 weeks too young for this puppy to be away from his breeder and siblings, for his own good, if not legally!

    Add Oh Rats - I did it again, wrote before I checked. Yes, a month ago you had an 8 week old puppy ....... plus all the other subjects. Perhaps I should just delete this.

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    It's a very touchy subject when trying to train a dog to attack intruders. Dogs aren't able to easily distinguish an attacker from a visitor, especially at such a young age, so be careful when training your dog to attack. Otherwise, you may have to put your dog down sooner than you think. Which would be terrible.

    Historically, labradors are not the best attack dogs. It's almost as if it is in their genetics to be friendly & obedient. They're people pleasers which is what makes this breed so popular amongst society.

    If you're paranoid get a home alarm system. Don't try and create a monster out of a perfectly friendly breed.

    Source(s): Long-time dog owner (23 years).
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    Right sure. An attack lab. And you're getting a pit next month. Right kid. Go play outside or something.

    A month ago you had an 8 week old pup now you have a 6 week old pup.

    let's say for a moment I think any of the BS you've posted is true - you're not responsible for one puppy let alone three. You're not competent enough to train a guard/protection dog and I look forward to reading an article in the near future about you being attacked by one or more of your dogs.

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    You should not teach a dog to attack. In time your puppy will protect your house by his own instincts. You will be sorry later on if you teach him to attack.

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    Why would you want to do that? If you want protection, get a house alarm! Labradors aren't bred to be guard dogs, they're bred to be service dogs and therapy dogs ect.

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    Labradors are known for nice dogs and even friendly to strangers..

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    Just take a stick on ur hand and chase the person

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    Dear oh dear -- this is hardly worth answering.

    Let's just say YOU DON'T even try.

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