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Who else thinks that the US needs to get out of the Middle East?

Who else realizes that our involvement there is pointless and destructive? It's not doing anyone but Israel, the weapons manufacturers, and Islamic fundamentalism any good. We need to completely withdraw militarily, economically, and diplomatically from that region of the world, along with North and East Africa, Central Asia, and the southwest islands of Asia. We need to end all wars and peace keeping missions. We need to end all of our humanitarian aid and funding. We need to remove our diplomats, embassies, and companies. I'd even go so far as to suggest a total trade embargo and modeling our relationship with the Islamic world on our relationship with Cuba - you can come in, we can't go out. That is the only way the US is going to stop causing military, economic, and cultural damage to the area. That is the only way the US is going to stop being used as a scapegoat for all of that region's/religion's problems. That is the only way people are going to stop hating us for trying to help them. We need to get out, and stay out, either forever or until the people decide to fix their own communities and cultures rather than call us in to do it, and then hate and attack us for doing so.

Who's with me?


"Kill the men, enslave the women and children, take the oil, and open it all up for American expansion."

Why should we sink to the fundamentalist Islamic level? Do you really want to live by the Qur'an? -.-

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    I can't believe you are stupid enough to think that all the problems in the middle east are caused by 3 Million people living in a couple thousands square miles of land.

    The cry of "end the occupation of Palestinian lands" is a cry of the ignorant masses who are swooped up in a frenzy by religious leaders who hope to turn the masses money and power into a base for them to control their various regions of the world; it is not about the Palestinians, it is about controlling masses of idiots.

    If the middle east wasn't complaining about the Palestinian "homeland" (which is actually in Turkey... but that is a much overlooked fact) they would be complaining about Spanish/Christian occupation of Moorish lands in Spain!

    The laying of blame on "those evil Jews" by middleasterners is laughable! The richest people in the middle east can be easily identified: they are the ones running the countries or running the religious institutions! They benefit from the antisemitic peddling by shifting focus off them and their exploitation of the masses for their own profit; shouting about how it is the "greedy Jew" stealing the people's money... all the while raking it in themselves!

    Also, anyone foolish enough to think that by just appeasing the enemy, by just giving up and NOT fighting them clearly is ignorant of such things as World Wars I and II... and the phrase, "We will have peace in our time".

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    We all probably do, but it just 'ain't possible!

    It was tried by the US in 1939, but in the end Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and it all kicked off, isolationism can't work as we live in a global economy, you in the US have given all your manufacturing business to China, who was, a few years ago your sworn enemy!

    It's all getting like George Orwell's "1984" read it!

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    Pointless and destructive?

    Our entire economy relies on oil - we are in the Middle East for oil, and that's not going to change anytime soon. Love it or hate it, it's the truth

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    Like at least 65-70% of the population is against the wars.

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    As a simplistic move it seems to make sense.

    Strategically it would be a disaster, like taking your bishops off a chess table.

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    Ah, a separatist. Separatism on a global level. Gee, let me think.

    Separatism, Global level, uh, not on your life.

    Don't be a horses back end.

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    Al Queda does.

    Why are giving the terrorists what they want?

    End the wars? Right here! I'm all for it, dude.

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    We should WIN over there! Kill the men, enslave the women and children, take the oil, and open it all up for American expansion.

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    It may as well be Vietnam all over again.

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