I have gone through 4 front loading gas dryers in 2 months what is going onnnn they work fine and?

ALL THE SUDDEN they will not heat anymore...I do not understand I never over load it....it will run all day on weekends but that shouldn't make it not heat up anymore...i have replace the solenoids on all 4 dryers and that fixed it for a lil bit then then it wouldn't heat up again some say its the glow bar or the thermostat....on 4 different dryer?....could it be something with the gas line? please help


The dryer is running natural gas and 1 of the dryers were brand new maytag.....it will heat up then it will stop after about five mins please help this is the 4th dryer my email is whackfool201@yahoo.com I cant afford this any more.....is it possible that the dryer is receiving to much gas??....or a gas coil problem but on 4 different dryers that has to million to one odds? right?....the vent is clean there is no blockage and they lint trap is cleann

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  • 9 years ago
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    You need to check the incoming gas pressure to make sure its not to high. You may have 2lb gas and need a reducing gas regulator at the dryer

  • 9 years ago

    I would check the vent again, make sure you have really good air flow, and the vent is not too long, newer gas dryers have pressure switches in them that shuts the gas off if there is too much pressure in the vent.

  • 9 years ago

    Eather you are buying crap used ones or maybe you should change the brand. Make sure also that you have the correct type of gas....NG vs Propane

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