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How to introduce an old dog to a new dog?

We currently have a seven-year old shih tzu, female, who we've had for about a year and a half, and tomorrow, we are hoping to add a new addition to our family, a 1 year old springer spaniel male. He is coming from a friends of my brother, as his dad is ill and is unable to look after him, they were going to give him to the dogs trust, but my parents agreed to take him in as long as he gets on with our former dog.

What is the best way to introduce them?

We know that the dog we'd like to add to the family is well trained and good around other dogs, and so is ours, but she likes to take control a lot, and if anyone has any tips, we'd love to here them...

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    The fact that both dogs are well trained/behaved gives you a head start. I have a Shih Tzu and while she gets along with my other dog and two cats, she is a companion dog. That means Shih Tzus attach themselves to one person in the family, primarily, and needs a lot of attention from that person. Springers are great dogs too, even tempered and sweet. I think as long as you don't just bring the new dog in and ignore the little Shih Tzu, things should be fine within a month or so. Please don't ignore your Shih Tzu though, or you will find a number of unpleasant surprises she will leave for you. (Make sure the dogs are both neutered too.) Good Luck.

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    I disagree with people who say to introduce them in the house. That's bullshit. (Please, no offense was intended!) My dog, Chloe, we've had her for years. Marty, a rescue, was a new dog a couple years ago. What you need to do is meet them on neutral ground. Like, at a park, on the sidewalk, NO WHERE NEAR YOUR HOME. Because your dog(the one you've had) is going to say "This is my territory, and you can't be here." That's just how dogs are. If the two dogs both love other dogs, it should be pretty easy. But here's another problem; if the dog you've had is a big dog, and the new dog is small, there is a problem that can occur. You see, they'll think the new dog might be a treat or something, so you can imagine the chain of events after that. We tried introducing our Chihuahua to our other dogs, and they came running after her(on leashes, of course) thinking she might be a squirrel or something. But now, she's got small dog syndrome, so she's the alpha of the house. If you have a small dog and get a big dog, it might turn out the same. Make sure the dogs are about the same size, and it'll be fine. We didn't introduce our puppy, though, but we should have because Chloe and the puppy would get into little scuffs, but she's an old dog. She lives in TX now with our cousins who moved there from our house. Don't worry, just follow those examples and I'm sure it'll be fine.

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    Let them meet in a park or something, somewhere which is neither of their territory so they wont feel threatened. If both dogs are as you say, friendly, then there shouldnt be too much of a problem. Keep them separate for a few hours, separated by a baby gate or something to let them get used to each other. feed them both treats at the same time, while they're sat near each other ect.

    Also, Spaniels are quite high energy dogs, so make sure the Spaniel would know how to play with your Shih Tzu, as they are both very different in size.

    I hope all goes well. :-)

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    Since you say both dogs are dog-friendly, you shouldn't anticipate a problem. What's always worked well for me is putting the dogs in adjacent rooms with a baby gate in between. That way they can see each other, and most important to a dog, smell each other. When both seem relatively calm, let them in a room together - supervised.

    Then you can take them for a walk together, let them roam around in the house so the new dog can explore his new home, go out in the yard with them. If you can accurately read a dog's body language, you'll be able to tell if they're going to be ok with each other.

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    You can't really make a dog like another dog

    But you can just put them together in a big area so they don't feel threatened.

    That's what my mom told me when we first got out puppy. (:

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