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Please read please give me advice.?

I am fed up of being a burden to my family and to my boyfriend. I am 19 and I've been ill for about a year and a half, if you read my other questions you'll know a bit more about me. My boyfriend is 16, 17 in august(I don't want stupid comments like your a pedo) we have been together since nov 2010 and I don't give two shits how old he is I love him and I'd do anything for him. He has lived with me my parents my two sisters and has been best friends with my brother since school, he's lived with us for over a year now, his mother and father are horrible nasty people and if he wasn't my boyfriend I'd kill them, they have given him no money for clothes, for anything, or even the odd £20 towards food shopping for my parents, they are such selfish greedy people. My boyfriend was working on commission and each bit of money he would get his mum would ring up and ask for saying she has no money bare in mind both parents work 2 jobs, neither of mine work and we manage sometimes with nine people in the house. My boyfriend has no job it's hard, we cannot find a job anywhere, which means he has no money which means he can't give my mum and dad money for rent they don't ask but I know they are getting pissed of with us being here. I am ill physically and very depressed, I just cannot cope with this anymore why is life so hard I just want to die.

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    Well if you wanna die, then.... instead of.. like being sad over your life, i mean if you wanna kill yourself, do some charity work before you leave. LOOK, what i'm saying is, is that if you're tired of living, and you're depress, then there's no need to wait, might as well go ahead and end it.

    But you are not that weak. Sure right now things are sucking for you, but its gonna be okay, if there is 9 people in the house.. then tell them to move out if they're over 18. If they have a job, that's reliable, tell them to get out of the house, if anyone who is over 18 and is jobless, try to help them get a job. They're useless if they're 18 and just sitting in the house. You wrote that you're physically ill, did you go to the doctor yet? You're under 18, meaning if the sickness you have can be cured, go to Children's Hospital. They might be able to help you for free. And your parents? Try explaining to them the situation. And your boyfriend? Every piece of money he gives to his mother huh..? Well, call me harsh or a b*tch... but he needs to suck it up. He needs to realize.. that you're more important right now, he cannot be giving every piece of money to his mother who has a job and who refuses to give some money to her son. SO, tell your boyfriend to pick up the clues, save up money, hopefully pay some rent, possibly get a apartment, with you 2 in it, and so on. You 2 are underage, so it's possible he is gonna have to stay with your family as bit more. And do you have a job? If not, try applying at Target, but if your illness gets in the way, then try helping everyone in your family who's over 16 to work at fast food places or big companies like WALMART, (This is including your boyfriend) if his pay isn't good, get him another job and please tell him to stop giving money to his mom.

    *edit* oh sh!t what? You're 19.... ok then just ignore the children's hospital stuff.

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    You've put this in the wrong place

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