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Rude friend, how do you handle,,,,?

I, almost cannot stand this girl anymore. When she talks or gossips I lend her my full hearing but when it's me she sometimes says I don't care and just cuts me off. Or like last year I was laughing and she just said shut up in a very rude way. And when I am in a lesson with her she talks to m ut when we are in a lesson with are other friend she just ignores. Im trying not to think about it or make it a big deal but I swear to God next time she says or dos something rude, like that is it I'll snap. Last year I wasn't friends with, I just ignored her and he pain on her face was so transparent. What do I do? because I surely don't plan to keep her in my life very long.

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    You have to tell her the truth. Tell her how shes been so rude to you lately and you just can't take it anymore. You can't let someone walk all over you and let them say or do whatever they want, you need to take a stand for yourself and tell her the truth.

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    Don't keep her in your life. She sounds like a *****. Who tells someone to shut up when they laugh? Or says they don't care. She is obviously not a true friend and there is no reason to have someone like that in your life. Eventually more people who she treats this way will follow in your footsteps and she will have to face her obvious issues alone. She probably feels like she has control over you and that you won't do or say anything to stop her from acting that way, so prove her wrong. Next time she says something, say something back.

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    Much agreed comfront your friend and tell her how you feel, and tell her how she is behaving- because your friend already know what shes doing to you and how shes treating you around others, so it'll be pathetic for her to lie about it. But if for some reason she doesnt want to listen or she listened but never really follows through, then all i have to say is before you dismiss her from your life i think you should get even, if your friend want to act fake and play games you should act fake and play games too. She'll get the message.

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    If she's annoying and really rude to the point where you're head will metaphorically explode, just forget about her and stay out of her way when possible. Pretend you don't care.

    I used to be like her, and my best friend started getting sick of me. She suddenly was very rude to me, until I started to listen more.

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  • If you wanna save the friendship than just confront her about it. Explain yourself and see what she says. If you don't like her reaction/her attitude then it's time to move on. Simple.

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    If she makes you unhappy get rid.

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