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Can dieting change your taste buds?

I've recently gone on a diet along with working out. I used to eat things like sugar, popcorn, and soda on a regular basis. Two months ago I began working out, and last week I stopped eating sugary foods altogether. Today I got a whiff of some chocolate dipped cookies and found myself repulsed(okay, maybe not repulsed, but I definitely didn't want it) by the smell. I've also found from dieting that I'm not as hungry during the day. Can my diet change my taste buds so dramatically? And will this apply to other sugary foods as well?

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    Yes, i think so.

    I stopped eating junk food and chocolate like 5 months ago, and I tasted something really salty yesterday and was repulsed, but a few months ago i would have been all over it.

    Also, I found out that when you're on a diet, things can sometimes taste like different nice things. I hope you know what i mean lol. Like raisins and nuts (together) taste A LOT like chocolate to me.

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