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Girl friend problem...please help...10 points..!?

i have a girlfriend. And she wrote down a letter for me with all the dates in it like our first kiss etc things...her mom does not know about us. But her mom caught this letter and got mad at her daughter for doing vulgar stuff..but my gf said that one of her friend wrote it for me and she has left the city now so the letter is with her mom said that she wanted to meet till now my plan is that as if i dont know anything about the letter and ill tell her mom that during the dates mentioned i wasnt in the city..etc...and ill say that i come from a reputed family and just wanted to know if i could add something more to convince her mom?

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    Eventually, if you are serious with this girl, you have to be honest about your relationship with her. I think that you guys should consider coming out to her mom. Her mom is going to think that you are a vulgar person though because either way, she said that you were the one who participated in those activites with someone, whether it be your girlfriend or her friend.

    Normally I would say that the best policy is to be honest, but in this situation you want the mother to like you. I think that what you should say that the friend wrote it and meant it to be what she WANTED to do with you on those dates, and not what she had. You then gave the letter to the daughter to show her what her friend was doing and to prove your devotion to her. You can't sit there and be like yeah I was out of town that day, yeah I had basketball that day. That just seems weird and made up.

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    parents can see a lie right thru you boys. I can look in a boys eyes and say nothing and in 3 minutes know it's a story.

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