When you see stories like this, do you feel the country is going in the right or wrong direction?


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That's an interesting theory Admiral Nelson.

Update 2:

@Random Black Man Do you feel we'll continue heading back to the stone ages or will we begin to see the error in our ways and change course?

Update 3:

@Blockhead Why is it getting worse? We're supposedly more intelligent now than in the past; and with the technological advances we've made, shouldn't we have conquered something as simple as feeding our children?

Update 4:

Very interesting Chris, what can we as society do to help bring the system down? Is that why Obama was so popular when he ran in '08? Will OWS bring about the change we were looking for?

Update 5:

@John Is it just propaganda? I've seen several similar stories over the last few weeks stating similar statistics. I just used that particular clip because it was short but addressed a potential growing problem in the US.

Update 6:

@Amaretta I understand where you're coming from, so what's the solution if any to get people to sit down and have a decent conversation?

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There you go Hello, several other sources that state basically the same thing. Now quit being a knucklehead and answer the question; It's very simple, right or wrong direction?

Update 8:

@ Mira I agree, I try to get information from various sources because we can't count on our news to tell the whole truth. So what's your opinion, right or wrong direction?

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Thank you everyone for your participation and the great answers.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Wrong direction! The one guy said a mouthful when he said the government was so quick to bail out Wall Street, and Wall Street was never in any danger of going hungry. Imagine what that money could have done for these people in a work/study program that shows them how to hold a job and take care of their families. The money could have built child care centers for those who have no child care so they can get a job or get their degrees, without worrying about the safety of their children. It's so much that could have been done to help, but people these days are only out for themselves they don't care about each other or what happens to them. Yet they do find the time to judge about how many children they have.

  • 9 years ago

    I feel the world is leaning in the wrong direction with what I have learned about people in general. Understanding is a two way street. The nations have to meet each other at least half way. By the way has anyone seen their blocked list? See how many people you've had to block. Think about the world. You see what I mean?

    @Lee Then maybe the wold wouldn't be so bad. It's okay not to agree on a subject, but we can at least try to be civil. Agree to disagree.

  • Ssssss
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    9 years ago

    Wrong direction obviously...no one can deny. Especially in the last decade. :(

    I second RT's awesomeness. If you've ever lived outside the US, you'd realize how DIFFERENT the news is out there in general. When they do report on issues here in the states, they tend to keep it very brief or perhaps not cover it all. Take it from someone who grew up here all her life, left for a brief period and came back.

    Our news stations are not doing a proper job.

  • 9 years ago

    It's just some Russian propaganda. By the way, the children in Russia live under much worse conditions than in the USA, on average.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    sigh... russia today is a state run propagandist news outlet. why embarass yourself?

    if you want to pretend to give a damn...visit the ridiculous number of organizations that deal with it all the time in america... minus the desperate propagandist motivation.

    **no its fine lee, i just felt the need to point, laugh, and belittle the fact that you arent embarrassed by admitting to following russia today. it says sooo much about you.


    really? I know youre a black racist so your moron comment doesnt bother me. but what part of state run media do you not understand? Its not a slant like cnn or fox... its literally govt. authored "info news" do you think its an accident that if you were to listen to the "truth" this organization you respect gives... hunger does not exist in russia at all. since your a fan of it, perhaps you can point me to some such video. though if im right, youll probably have to sift through many many many more "truths" about america before you realize there is none.

    yes mira, this is not news meant for russian audiences...its a digital news service meant squarely for non russian speakers first.

    do you really not see how "moron" would be the least i could call you?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    @ Hello there. You are a moron. RT is probably the only news station right now who tells the truth, and does not sugar coat it. That's how news is supposed to be told. Go back to being brainwashed by Fox News.

    @ Asker. We are going in the wrong direction. It's quite sad what America has become.

  • 9 years ago

    The globalist capitalists and finaciers, whom world governments are partnered with, are destroying society. Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor. The Ponzi scheme has got to fail sometime. The sooner it does, the sooner we can rebuild society.

    @OP. Yes I think Obama got elected because people wanted change. And he had a very good campaign slogan. I don't know how to bring down the system, but I think peak oil could eventually bring about it's end. I sympathize with OWS, but I doubt it is strong enough now. Who knows though, it could gather strength.



    @OP. "We're supposedly more intelligent now than in the past; and with the technological advances we've made, shouldn't we have conquered something as simple as feeding our children?"

    That's the myth of progress.


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    this whole world is going the wrong direction...still better than it was during the primative ages

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    in my opinion its getting worse@LEE-you would think so,with the economy the way way it is(no jobs)people cant help but to need assistance

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