Help! I need TV shows?

I enjoy many TV shows such as, 90210, Castle, How i met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Community, Menalist, Psych, Burn Notice, Chuck, Gossip Girl, House, Royal Pains, Touch, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Raising Hope, two and a half men, Bones, Being human, Its always sunny in philadelphia, smallville, scrubs, lie to me, and my favorite show is white collar. Im looking for a show with drama, a tiny bit of romance, and NON-childish comedy. A show that has a lot of seasons, also a little action. And/Or a teenager story without alot of childish/girlish stufff in it.

Thanks in advance_

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  • 9 years ago
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    Dexter, Friday Night Lights, or Sons of Anarchy

  • 9 years ago

    I would recommend a show called Parenthood. It doesn't have any girlish stuff in it, but it's packed with drama and does involve relationship drama. It is pretty funny, too. It's about the drama in a family, but it is NOT a reality show. In the family on the show right now (and I'm not trying to spoil anything) there is a lady who is adopting a baby from her single assistant. The lady's brother is dealing with his son who has autism and they are trying to get the money to let his daughter go to the college of her dreams. Another brother in a family has a son who is unmarried. He was going to marry his son's wife, but his wife wouldn't marry him because when they were engaged, he cheated on her with the autistic kid's teacher. There is also the drama of the two brothers trying to start a small business. The show is PACKED with drama and is humorous.

  • 9 years ago

    You could try Pretty Little Liars (teen drama/suspense), Terra Nova (science fiction), Falling Skies (science fiction), Misfits (UK supernatural drama), Sherlock (UK drama/mystery), New Girl (comedy), Ringer (drama/action), 2 Broke Girls (comedy) and The Vampire Diaries (teen drama/supernatural). They are all among my favourites.

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    Supernatural! NOW! It has 7 seasons...of PURE GOLD!! You'll love it, trust me! PLEASE!! Watch it!

    And vampire diaries!! Holy crap, it's perfect!!! Hilarious, seductive, action packed, romantic....just...just watch it!

    The secret circle has just started!! IT'S FANTASTIC! Watch it!

    The 3rd season of vampire diaries is on YouTube. Type in BWCQclips , he/she has it all uploaded in short parts. It has to be short otherwise YouTube takes it down. Hurry! Watch it so we can chat about it! Eeek!!

    Oh and true blood! It has a lot of...language in it so... I hope you're ok with that!:D

    Source(s): Im an ADDICT!!!!!!:D TV is my LIFE!
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  • marcy
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    4 years ago

    contemporary shows - South Park, Simpsons, kinfolk guy, My call Is Earl, The place of work, The King Of Queens, American Dad, American Idol auditions (surprisingly the unbelieveably undesirable ones) and any actual international/street regulations undertaking coach.

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    9 years ago

    Fringe, Sherlock, Psych, Dexter, Doctor Who, Criminal Minds.

    Source(s): I watch them all, and we have 11 tv-shows in common.
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    9 years ago

    Hot in Cleveland

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