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K2010 asked in TravelEurope (Continental)Russia · 9 years ago

Is winter in Russia unusually cold this year?

SP, Moscow

I heard it is prognoses to -20C

How long could it last?

Are gas and heat ok?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Да нет, нормальная зима. Просто 3 предыдущих зимы были аномально теплыми. А сейчас все путем: за окном - 29С.

  • marcy
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    4 years ago

    one plausible state of affairs is that due too greater fluctuations a viscous chilly iciness in Europe and US could reason an exceedingly severe enhance in blizzard which and 'If" and this could be slightly if the quantity of greater precipitation could blanket enormous area of the north in deep snow., this might reason a extensive enhance in the mirrored image of heat from the sunlight into area greater reducing temperatures. There could be a guess that a comments loop could greater enhance effectively inflicting a undertaking the place there is not any summer season and that in the time of turn reasons the subsequent years snow %. to extend each 12 months thereafter for a hundred's of years extending all the way down to conceal maximum of Europe and the U. S. with a acetate which might destroy each significant city an city under it because it strikes. The question turns into if that's certainly genuine at what threshold it would take place and are we too late?

  • Oirdne
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    9 years ago

    No, if we talk about European part.

    Real cold weather started only about couple of weeks ago. Kreschenskie morozy this year came in time.

    Before that all the December and half of January it was about zero.

    Of course it is cold now but not as depressing as it was before because now the sun is shining, and everything is white around. And sparkling snow in the air. Like in fairy tales. I think you remember what I talk about :)

    As for heat, it depends on certain house and area of certain town. In general everything is ok.

  • 9 years ago

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