Math Problem no. 231. Exercise your brains edition?

An insurance agent earns 35% commission for each insurance package he sells. Each insurance package costs $1 000.

a) For the previous month, he earned $2 100 in commission. How many insurance packages did he sell in the previous month?

b)The insurance agent sold two insurance packages and gave a discount of 5% for each package. How much did they need to pay for the two insurance packages altogether?


I need help.

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    a) 35% of $1000 is his commission, which = $350

    If he earned $2100, you divide that by the amount made by each sale ($350) to get the answer, which is 6 sales.

    b) 5% discount from 1 insurance package = $50

    5% discount from 2 packages = $100

    $2000-$100 = $1900

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