help with tutoring an 8 yr old?


so i'm supposed to be tutoring/mentoring/hanging out with my a family friend's niece...her mom was deported and she has come to live w/ her aunt, our family friend...she speaks like no english...

i'm supposed to help her with homework and just hang out with her

any ideas for what to do?

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  • 9 years ago

    I suggest you post this question in the teaching forum and do some online research about teaching children who don't speak English. There should be plenty of information. You and she could set up a classroom and play: this would make that environment more familiar to her as she learns the associated words. Ditto for a play house: learn the vocabulary and simple, common sentences. You two could "take trips" with dolls from the house to all kinds of stores, movies, playgrounds, post office, fire station, etc., so she'd learn more vocabulary. You could take real trips. I'm sure her teacher could tell you what would help her -- what you could do to reinforce what's being taught in her class.

  • 9 years ago

    Get a translator on your phone and start with simple words, teach her the basics and escalate from there. When she wants to say something, give her your phone and she can type it. Of course you'll have to change the keyboard when she wants to speak but it's easy and quick. That's what I'd do!:)

    Hope I helped!

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