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passion and spark is fading?

when i see and kiss her i dont feel the passion as i once did back 8 months ago ....i love her cause we have been best friends for 3 years and started dating recently for 8 months but i just dont know weather to go on dating and hoping it gets better or end it and save out friendship...i think about her everyday and thats the problem... i never dated anyone so i always assume shes with another guy but she has already showed me off to her friends and family and is always there...but sometimes i dont want to be anywhere near her, is that normal? but then i do and i start missing her some nights , is that normal? what should i do? because its effecting no only our relationship but our friendship as well because we always end up fighting....but i havnt felt butterflies or passionate in months i miss that feeling but its never there, i use to wait 2 hours alone in the parkinglot for her to leave work just to see her for 10 mins but now i cant even wait 10 mins for her....

i guess main reason why i havnet let her go is because im a verryy jealous guy and i see her everyday cause of college and work so id get alittle nuts

main thing is timing is bad when i was really falling for her she was only 20% in and never hugged me or kissed me in public.. now she is crazy about be and im 20% in...its a hot and cold situation... i need advise please i beg of yous!

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    Sounds like its time for you to move on

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