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Girls only: embarrassed ?

Ok I'm a 17 year old guy and with spring coming up I want to make sure this year I can be barefoot instead of restricting sneakers and socks all year. However I've never really been barefoot and I've always worn socks all the time. Never ever barefoot unless showering.

Problem is I want to start and I'm shy. I dint want my family making fun of me as they always have: I want to he barefoot. I also want to make sure my feet look really good and tan as well. I don't want one day in summer in sneakers at all honestly. Aren't most people like that?

Problem is Idk how to force myself to take my socks off. Do you prefer barefoot boys? Also flip flops ok guys is ok right? How can I get over this?


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    honestly, i don't care if you're bare foot! wear what makes you comfortable and that'll make u happy! :)

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    Really, bro? Unless your feet are gross and not taken care of, wear what you want to wear. Most boys ur age wear flip flops.

    Cut your nails. make sure they are clean with no scabs or excess hair, and go for it.

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