Will you still get back with this kind of man?? ?

Been with this guy for 6 years.

Things were perfect and weve travelled around the world together. More than 10 countires. Until one day, everything changed. (We are together for 3 years in one country, then another 3 years long distance relationship but we manage to meet everywhere eevery month).

1. He changed and shifted his priority to his career. Didn't have time for me to skype or whatsoever.

2. He went clubbing a lot. And disregarded me.

3. Lied a lot abouut going out a lot and hiding it from me.

4. Met a lot of other people and even girls the he continued to hang out with secretly.

5. Went out of the country with one guy friend and two girls and looked like a double date!! Behind my back and didn't tell me.

6. He tells his mom all our problems in the relationship and she gets in the picture.

7. He also tells his friends his problems in our relationship.

8. He prioritizes his friends and career more than me. I will always have to give way to these things. Also his mom is the queen and she will always be in the picture.

9. I hated this girl cos they lied to me when they went out of the country. I mean they make it seem like they are friends but they are always together. And i told him not to hire her in his company but he still did.

10. He just went missinh. We were still solving our relationship issues and he just disappeared like a mushroom. Its been 30 days and he never got back to my email.

11. I don't think his friends like me for him. They will always take his side and cover up for him. He's a very friends oriented type

Other than these facts, its hard to let him go with all our memories. Also he's a very driven guy and knows exactly what hes doing in his xcareer. He's rich and earns a lot my future will be secured with him. Weve always imagined a good life together. But things fell apart. If he comes back, should i take him back? Well im not even sure if he will still come back. I'm so broken and help pls.

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    Hes no good too many secrets

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