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If the Joker ever appears in another live action batman movie?

Wouldnt you like to see Mark Hamill play the joker or atleast a voice over?

Jack nicholson sucked& I liked Heath Ledger as the joker but I couldn't get into the voice and the laugh & he obviously won't be available for a second role.

It's like when I think of the Joker and the way the voice and laugh associates with his apperance and personality Hamill is the only one that can do justice.

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    My thoughts exactly! He has the right personality and experience for the role, and I figure he'd relish the transaction to a live-action role. I always think if Chris Nolan does pull out all the stops for TDKR, and decides to bring the Joker back, he should use Hamill for that role!

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    I too am a huge fan of Mark Hamill's voice acting for the Joker since the early 90's. Both in the various animated Batman shows and the video games.

    There are certain people who can reprise a role and make it their own.

    I appreciate all the greats however, from Cesar Romero, to Nicholson, to Hamill, to Ledger. It will be interesting to see if they will find another great actor to give us a new take on this classic character and what it will be like.

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    there became a hearsay approximately Daniel Day Lewis enjoying the subsequent the Joker, which i could completely see. to no longer point out he might placed 5 million situations the attempt into the function using his admire for Ledger. I mean, it may be very plausible to have a sparkling Joker, in basic terms no longer in the subsequent one. The Joker Ledger performed became the Joker on the commencing up of his profession. Lewis could ok come back and play an older Joker (I won't say greater mature, using fact the Joker is unquestionably no longer that, yet I mean, in basic terms an older one in terms of age) i'm somewhat annoyed and unhappy over Ledger's dying. i became somewhat rooting for a Joker/Harley Quinn pairing in the subsequent action picture whilst the dark Knight became first coming together.

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    Nope, I couldn't take him seriously. He's Luke Skywalker and well he doesn't fit the role to me. Perhaps in a cartoon, but not live action. Both Jack and Heath were great in their roles as The Joker, I'm old school and I watch The Original reboot from the 80's whenever possible. I always get a kick out of Jack dancing to Prince.

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