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after your first time?

Im 16 and ive never had sex, im planning on doing it next weekend for the first time but ive heard from many people that after you do it once you start to crave sex and want it all the time. Is this true? Im a little nervous about this because i dont want to become a a little slut. and please dont say ill be a slut anyway because im not married or something like that, those are your beliefs not mine and you shouldnt try to make people feel bad for personal decsions. thankss

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    When you have sex always have the man to wear a condom no matter if you are on birth control pills or not birth control pill will not keep you from getting a sexual transmitted disease and no you will not turn into a slut.

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    Unless you have something wayyyyy off with your hormone balance . you wont CRAVE it . you will be horny though lol, but every teen is . i lost my virginity last year when i was 14 . word of advice, put a black t shirt of towel under you ! you may bleed a bit, but nothing too serious . use a condom, or go on the pill ! and even if your on the pill, it doesnt prevent STD's . have fun !!!! xD

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    You shouldn't "plan" to have sex, it should happen naturally. And by how nervous and unsure you seem, I don't think you're ready.

    And I don't think people should wait until their married, but you should wait until you're at least 18 dear. Please.

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    just do it no problem.

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