I need an adult advice or a therapist.I can't stand it with my sister!!!Help!?

For those who's gonna judge lay off,cuz u dont know hot it is to be with her.And by the way sorry if it's too long.And tell me if I am right or she is right.First let me introduce you my sister and myself.My sister is 23?22?around there and I'm 13.So anyways my sister is like in college you know.She doesn't get along with mom.They usually fight or argue.And by then a few years ago my sister went to china,singapore,america to study and came back to the country on february,2011.And I was really excited back then,cuz I haven't seen her for a long long time.When she wasn't home the room where the computer was empty like nobody sleeps or live or stays in there.So she took the room.That's when it kinda got hard to hang out on the computer,since it's her room.Anyways the first day was good we laughed and stuff.Then first week passed and she is soo lazy and dirty(By the way she's my half-sister) and I'm not saying that I clean up evrything evrytime I'm just trying to prove she's lazy and dirty I mean like her room is a mass mess.Once on her bed her clothes were piled up like a mountain I mean I am really tall and big even I can hide in there and bury myself.But that's not the reason I hate her,I'm just saying she's irresponsible and you know what I'm gonna say.So anyways then she like got into a fight with mom and mom sent her to be with our grandparents.So she usually stays there.So let me tell you why I hate her,let's get to the point:She's a *****.A raging,mean one.I am serious.Otherwise I wouldn't have said this to you.She orders me to do everything in the house (once she called my name me from my room,she was in the living room and I asked what's wrong.And she said "Can u grab me the phone?"-->that which is like 2 foots away.She was sitting on the couch and the phone was on the other side of the couch!!I mean like what the hell?!!So I got to the point where she orders me a lot(tooooo much) and on lots of other stupid things like the phone.And once she ordered me to make a soda(she didn't say where or what colored cup).So I made her in a cup.And she said "No make it in a white cup."So I got pissed off.And brought her in a white cup.And she shouted at me for holding it from the place where you put ur lips.And was shouting like are you stupid or what?And told me to pour it out and make it in another one and don't hold it from that place.SO I finally made her another one.What the ****?!!!It's at least a good thing I'm making her one!And whenevr I screw up on her favorites she's like I asked you only one thing and you can't do anything.Are you stupid or what?And If I just stand there she's like why are you standing there keep moving you idiot.And the next time when I move and her so called "keep-moving" she's like where r u going?I didn't tell you to go,I'm not done!.Oh and So she's like why do you always touch and take my stuff without permission as if she evr ask me any permission.Once I was playing with her dress-chain (I grabbed it from the floor). Naturally she gets angry and says why are touching my stuff without my permission?!You know what you dont have to go in to my room.Nevr go in my room.And don't touch my things!"And then she like takes my ipod charger whenevr she wants without permission.Takes my laptop away without my permission.(she watches movies there,tv shows,You know I hate it when like I say secrets to the people I don't like because either they get hurt or mad)And then if she takes my laptop away how am i suppose to log onto the internet if she doesn't let me into her room and doesn't let me use the computer,too?And whenevr I use my laptop and log on to the internet I have to sit in a corner under a cold window,near a hot heater,near a trash can because my laptop wifi service is really bad.This place is like the best place for the wifi service but honestly there's like 3 bars.Whenevr she scolds she means it as if she wants to piss me off,like what r u looking at you idiot?!When SHE IS THE BIG FAT IDIOT WHO DOESN'T SEE HER STUPID MISTAKES!She thinks little brothers aren't supposed to get angry,show the anger and argue and fight back.Whenevr I get red and like close the door hard she's like "are u mad at me?!!I am asking you a question why are you mad at me?!"Oh and should I fight and argue back?Cuz I don't wanna keep standing and being shouted that you are an idiot and scolded when it's not my problem.Honestly I want her to go back to America.SometimeS i WISH she died.Seriously when i get super mad.Oh and more thing she doesn't get mad too her friends like she does with us,actually she doesnt even asks anybody else any favour or any orders.(tHE REASON WHY i TRY TO HANG OUT ON THE COMputer is that I download movies over there)

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  • 9 years ago
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    she sounds like a selfish whore wtf,

    i dont understand that girl. maybe when she was away she got kidnapd by ailens and probed, and now shes one! rofl kidding aint u told ur mum?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Me and my sister fight a lot too. She may have been really busy in her trip, and therefore was really lazy when she came home to relax. As you grow up more you will start to understand her. As for doing things for her... If you just don't do them, she will have to do them herself! Never wish death upon anyone else, Its bad JuJu! Instead of hating her for what she does wrong, try to find even the slightest thing you like about her.... All I can say is that no one is perfect, tell her why she bothers you and then tell her something you like about her. She might just change if she knows it bothers you.

    Source(s): I have five older brothers and a little sister.
  • Joe W
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    9 years ago

    My heart goes out to you kid.

    Your sister is the killer bit¢h from hell!

    I have only a couple of suggestions for you.

    Tell your parents:

    You insist on changing rooms with her. (gets your i-net connection back)

    You want a lock on your door with which only you and I have a key for. (keeps her out)

    Then tell (or write on a piece of paper and give) Sis this!

    "I hope you have the intellect to understand this?

    I do love you but!

    There's a message in this verse.

    The gift to Giess, to see ourselves as others see us...

    was both a blessing and a curse!"

    Then leave her to herself for a while.

    I hope she'll get the picture and reflect upon herself guy.

    If she screams and yells at you for doing this?

    Just say in a very calm voice:

    "These who scream and yell to get their point across...

    Do so, because they don't have the intellect to do it any other way!"

    Then again...leave her to herself!


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