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My husband is a certified firefighter and a certified basic emt will this help him be paid more have any benefits to him in the coast gaurd? He is pretty serious on joining and I have some questions. We are married and have a two yr son will we get to live where he is stationed? How long will it take him to get stationed? Will I need to have a job? & where are the most common station areas? How long from when he signs up will we have a apartment or housing? Thanks for y'all answers!!!

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    9 years ago
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    You aren't familiar with military life at all so you should talk to a recruiter and that person will answer all your questions.

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    If you pass into the Coast Guard at the energetic obligation part, they're going to assign you wherein you're wanted. I suppose that you simply would request Hawaii however there is not any assurance that you are going to get it. You would become a member of the Coast Guard reserves however first see if there's a reserve unit in Hawaii. If there's, touch that unit to peer if they're accepting contributors. If they're, you'll become a member of that unit. You could pass to fundamental and go back to Hawaii and do your weekend drills in Hawaii. If your husband is transferred close a Coast Guard reserve unit you would switch to that unit. There don't seem to be as many Coast Guard items as there are Naval reserve items so that you could wish to suppose approximately the Naval reserve on account that that there are extra Naval reserve items close Marine Corps bases.

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    9 years ago

    you can search in youtube.

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