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Question about corset piercings?

I always wanted them,but do not want to go through all that pain,and money for something temporally

I was watching a vid about them getting done and some one say that they reject because there is to many piercings in one spot?So If I was to get 2 each month(One on each side going down until I had the full set) would they stay?

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    Unless the piercer has their head up their posterior, they shouldn't be bunched together in a way that makes them reject.

    Those piercings typically reject because of the type they are. Surface piercings have a high rejection rate because of the bar under the skin. It applies pressure that the skin doesn't appreciate and they can either reject, or more commonly, migrate out. The piercings that have a good stay rate if placed properly are microdermal anchors. They're just a base that sits in the skin, most come with holes punched in the base, so your skin actually grows into it, locking it in place.

    A corset will stay if you go to a great piercer that goes to the proper depth in your skin with the right size jewelry. Even that isn't a guarantee that it wont eventually work it's way out, but finding the right piercer will help you out. They can discuss placement with you and aftercare so you can do your best to keep them in the skin.

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    It's not even just that there are too many piercings, it's that the back moves around so much and usually the jewellery used isn't good for keeping a piercing for very long. Now that many piercing places do microdermal piercings that might be a better way to go for a more permanent option :)

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    They're in a high movement, high contact area. It has nothing to do with the amount of piercings there. If you got 2 each month, they'd still reject, just probably all at different times.

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