Help with my GCSE ICT Work?

CC – explain what it means and why you would use it

BCC – explain what it means and why you would use it

Also for extra points can someone draft me an email, that tells someone how to send a 'professional business email'?

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    9 years ago
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    CC – Carbon Copy: Sends a duplicate email to several users, and used to give them all the same message without typing it out each time. Every recipient can see who else was sent the same copy.

    BCC – Blind Carbon Copy: Does exactly the same as a CC, except the recipients cannot see who else is getting the message as well as them.

    You can send an email with both carbon copys and blind carbon copys; in this case, anyone who received a CC woould be able to see who else got a CC but not anyone who got a BCC. Someone who was on the BCC list would not know that anyone other than themself had received the email.

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