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friendship.....rekindle or not?

me and my husband got into an argument one day...he called my befriend to vent about me but told her not to tell me anything....but then i found out by looking at his ph records...i asked her about it, and she denied it then later on she told me the truth and said she was sorry about it.......long story short i stopped talking to her but know six months later i was thinking of reaching out to her...what do you guys think?? serious answers please...btw...nothing happened between them, this i know.

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    I think that you overreacted in the first place. She was approached by your husband, and in an attempt to not ruin the relationship between them, she listened. I understand that there's probably more going on though. I do think that you should rekindle the friendship. She is probably just as willing as you are.

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    I don't think that you ever should have been mad at her to begin with. The first thing I would have questioned would have been why your husband couldn't come to you about it. Imagine if you were in her shoes.....would you want to possibly want to jeopardize your best friends marriage because their husband couldn't communicate with them properly?

    And if your friend is friends with you AND your husband then that just makes the situation harder because she has to pick sides so your husband kind of put her in a difficult situation.

    I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I just tend to not sugar coat things or tell people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.

    I would reach out and apologize. Your husband should apologize for putting her in that place, but that's your call or his. And then she might be okay with everything. But if it's been six months since you've spoken to her, then don't be surprised if she's not too happy with you. I hope this helps and I hope you get your friend back in your life!

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    Yes. Call her and be friends again. Never hold grudges especially since she already apologized. I would just move on and forget about the situation. Leave it in the past and bury it. :)

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