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Pricing for a tattoo down my side?

I want to get a tattoo down my side starting from the rib cage down to right above the hip. I was wondering about how much that would cost me to get.

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    Depends on what it is, how big it is, if its in color, how detailed it is, etc

    Some shops charge by the hour, while others don't.

    I have a Virgen de Guadalupe on my right ribcage, waist, and hip...

    It was like almost 4 hours long and cost $200.

    That was in GA though.

    In WA, I got a tattoo on my left upper arm that is smaller than the Virgen and it took 3 hours (shorter than the Virgen) but it cost $320 dollars, so way more expensive than the much larger Virgen.

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    It will depend on the scale of the lettering. Also diffrent tattoo stores have one of a kind pricing so ensure you retailer. Every subject and state is one of a kind some thing that fee 750 within the south will fee 1100 up north. It is by way of position cross to the one of a kind stores inform them what you wish and the script and get an estimate on the whole run you over a grand in view that your final title is lengthy. Like i stated it's another rate by way of position and retailer additionally extra skilled artists fee plenty greater than an apprentice. Just ensure earlier than you get ink performed that it's what you rather wish. ALWAYS verify out the tattoo parlor earlier than you get inked. Best of good fortune.

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