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Ok so there's this guy in my school and he like totally stalks me. Yesterday he texted me saying "What's the maths homework?" and there wasn't any so I replied "EWW STOP STALKING ME" and he texted "wtf?" which is supposed to mean 'what the f**k' but he obviously meant it to mean 'want to f**k' because I am so gorgeous and he is sooo in love with me. Anyway last week at lunch he "accidentally" sat at my table so I threw all my food at him screaming threats about getting a restraining order and I got in trouble and he didn't! SO not fair!!! So then I always see him going in to my next door neighbour's house. I questioned him about it and he seemed kind of scared of me (obviously intimidated by me) and said that he tutors my neighbour's kids. THIS IS SUCH A LIE. I told him to stop following me and that I shall never ever love him because he likes Harry Potter (which is like the lamest thing ever) and also he is a stalker. And THEN I saw him in front of the mall once when I was there (the question is how he knew I would be there, he must have installed a tracking device in to my underpants or something) and he was singing the song "Let It Be" by the Beatles and we all know the Beatles copied Kesha and I LOVE Kesha I LOVE HER SO MUCH I LIKE OWN HER almost so I yelled "STOP STALKING ME!!! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE KESHA???" and he ran away because he was so scared that I was going to call the police and they will arrest him for stalking and also I looked so pretty that day that he must have been scared anyways. His "girlfriend" then called me and told me to "knock it off" (knock what off? your socks, maybe? you want me to knock your socks off with my beautiosity? easily done) so I told her to tell her twin brother to stop stalking me and she said "He's not my twin brother, he's my boyfriend." and I slammed the phone down and started crying because everyone hates me obviously apart from that guy that loves me but he's a stalker so ew no. WHAT SHOULD I DO??? WAH :'(((

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    AHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha. Oh man, this was good! Whoo, needed that laugh, thanks!

    P.S.- Harry Potter is amazing, and you obviously can't read if you think otherwise.

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    Troll Alert!

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    You should give lessons on ''beauty-osity'' so others can be stalked too, just like you, and thus understand the burden that goes along with being so gorgeous.... BOB.

    By the way, I will be going to the Mall at 4pm, so don't follow ME there.

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    OMIIGOOSHHH ! i Have the same problem !!!!!!!! whenever i go to the mall or any public place there's soooo many people !!!!! they're all stalking me !!!!!! I'm just so sexy that everyone just follows me everywhere !! and i really like Mac Miller and one of his songs started playing on the radio so that means the radio people are stalking me too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i were you i would just kill myself because if you are as beautiful as me (Which is pretty sexy) then your beauty is too much for the world to handle .

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    your a lunatic.... He isnt stalking u so get over yourself u probably only wish he loved u. Your seriously sick in the head. Stalking is a serious problem that has genuinely affected many people and your just making a joke out of it. GO SEEK URGENT PSYCHIATRIC HELP!

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    He's not stalking you, you're just kinda immature and crazy .___. How is asking for the math hw stalking u? I think u need to learn the definition.

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    You trolls are so adorable.

    Harry Potter is NOT the lamest thing ever! I am obsessed with HP it is AMAZING and wonderful! I love it! My bedroom is full of it it is so brilliant. SHUT UP about Harry Potter you imbocile! I love it!

    Source(s): MY BRAIN
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    You should quit being a troll! That's right this this question is one big sham and who Is going to read all that crap? Not me? It says asks a question write your question and get to the point you little troll!

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    This **** is so ******* fake! Especially when a dude named bob is asking the question and your suppose to be a girl? Mmmm no life!

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    Trolls. wasting time

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