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Men and Women , please give your opinion and explain?

the nature of attraction on that man's part for the girl

MAN----37, tall and masculine very manly sort of man, high sex drive, expects and gives a lot in bed, financially and professionally very successful and mentally and emotionally very mature and sound.

GIRL---19, medium height 5.4 only very slim, absurdly long and wavy hair, which reach down to her thighs, never had any boyfriend, no experience regarding sex, seems to be inhibited, raised in some convent in France, not willing to sleep with that man as yet ,though rich but financially dependent on her parents and not as rich as that man is. belongs to some old aristocratic European family.

how do you see this relationship;

would a man as described above really want to have a serious committed relationship with such childish girl?

how long will any highly sexed man put up with a girl who wants to keep him at physical distance.


Why such a man would go for a childish girl, leaving a FWB relation with a woman who is financially independent, successful and equally good in bed, and with whom he shares many common interest and personal traits

Trying to understand how do men's'Psyche and Sexuality work


strangely this girl is very reserved , some days back i by chance saw them dinning out; she was not paying him much attention,busy chatting with her own friends, just glancing at him occasionally, and he looked so relaxed and happy, looking at her so lovingly and fondly---WHY--i was actually dumbstruck--

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    I think the appeal or attraction is her innocence. Purity!

    I think she sound in a place of no experience & like she would be naive. I think short term it could work but I think long term it would serve some problems.

    Yes a man would want that as you described it would make him feel young vibrant & charming. I can see the appeal on both ends just not the long term practicality in terms of being on same page mentally!

    He would leave the woman that is all those things because the thrill of the pure innocent vibrant younger girl is much more alluring to his older experienced ego. A girl with such little experience would be likely to be able to naturally with out trying make him feel important. Where as the person that measures more as his equal that he may mutually respect does not bring out that satisfaction he is yearning.

    This is a very typical scenario. Often men older have attraction & are appealed more to young vibrant girls vs. their counter parts of same age & achievement its usually called a midlife crisis. But I don't condemn or think is bad. Fact is I generally have always liked older men & so I can see the appeal. But i am thinking the definition you gave she sounds a bit naive for the long haul.

    Also something I want to note in why they would be inclined to have appeal towards the younger innocent is because the comparable same aged mate would be less like to value them the same as the younger.

    I think women in general as they age year by year seem to de-value men not even always intentionally (I am including myself in this) but just by nature of aging. At a younger age a woman is likely to be impressed & unscathed by a lot older women seem to lack that appeal alot. A woman thats the same age as him will not be as impressed & make him feel as valued (often) as someone of a younger age.

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    My honest opinion is that you may see her as a young and childish girl but maybe he sees her as wife potential. Im a woman and if given the choice at 37 years of age (as you stated for his age) to choose a FWB or a potential mate, I would probably opt for the potential mate. FWB's come and go because there is not a sense of permanency because you are FRIENDS, not spouses.

    No offense, but if he is already financially and professionally successful, maybe those qualities in a mate is something he is not so concerned about because he has already achieved that on his part. She is young and impressionable. He will likely be able to get this 19 year old to do things his way as compared to someone like you who is equally intelligent and NOT financially depend upon him. You don't sound as needy as this other person is. When someone is more needy, they usually understand that they do not have as much power or say in the relationship as an equal partner that can decide to walk away if they don't get their way.

    I don't mean disrepect to you and please don't take it that way. Think about why he would need to marry you if you already give him what he wants without being married? it sounds like he is considering someone else over you. Likely he can't use his authority/money/education to influence you to do anything that you don't want to do. You are too independent for that. That is my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps. :)

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